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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Shehzi Murad Mangwano

True ☺ I don’t know why this happens because when I’m with you, time flies at ease like F1 car runs but when you aren’t with me, I feel time like a old man who walks slowly!

Vîtän Judit

Even though we are not together no more, I still miss him soooooo much and can’t stop thinking about him. Because I deeply care & still love him, I pray for his safety, good health and prosperity this new year. Amen!

Peter Williams

I begin missing my wife as soon as she hits the shower, knowing the next few minutes she will be walking the door. And the real missing her is when she steps out of the car to her office, when you are well connected with her it even hurts to be separated from each other.