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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Todd Wilburn

When she says to you, “You make me feel like the most important girl in the world”……you have succeeded!

Patty Lyons

So many women willing to do that for a man but too many selfish, immature men who go for the girl who’s young, pretty, thin and only wants his money.

Marilyn Gunter

No one has nor will make me feel that way these days

Donna Isabel Escamilla Montalvo

I am so grateful I finally know what this feels like ♡ and I’ll do whatever it takes to make him feel the same ♡

Lata Gupta

Action speaks louder than words..hope any honest and genuine man understand this feeling

Rein Camo

I am greatful for making me feel this way. Yeon Nga

Kanishka Singh

Ladoo…U make me feel so even today…though m not d same woman as earlier, even after such a harsh tym of our lives… U remained d same..

Davidson Scot

Hi,am Davidson and am new on this page, looking for a good,caring and loving woman that I can have a long term relationship with (no games please) I know not everyone is perfect in everything they do but God is and yes I know he will help me get the right woman. AMEN.

B Gue Aye

Mmmm, I’m not sure if this works both ways I tried my best to be happy n make my fiance (back then) happy, he was my entire world, n I really tried, but it was probably too much for him, n having a good girl by his side wasn’t what he wanted, after 5years of relationship he ended up with another girl who I’m sure won’t treat him like I did! So if you’re good they look for a bad girl n if u r bad they want a good one, how does that work?!

Kinza Ali

If they can’t make ur priority then don’t care them, keep ur feelings to yourself n respect them. It takes two to tango. Hard to believe but have to .

Luvlia Hr

Ohh gosh..how I wish to go someone’s world who has promised me a good life..beautiful life like HEAVEN..& definitely..I don’t wanna go out..
I’ll keep stay still..?

Tracy Grossberg

Hey if a guy makes me feel like I am the only girl in the world, I am going to do the same for him. It is about making each other feel special.

SiRaj Sarıoğlu

Hahaa.. cant stand people living in dilusions…
Thats exactly when expectations and entiltement comes about, how appreciation ends, the moment Love dies..

Robert Bell

Maxine, you’re the only woman I need. I go to sleep thinking about you, I wake up thinking about you. Although we are not together but I still find it in my heart to think about you daily. My love will never change for you baby, I hope you are reading this. I love you baby!

Sherry Stanton

Communication is needed and it should be mutual. Men do not communicate their needs/wants as much as women George but I do agree relationships are about TWO people, listening, talking and understanding the needs of the “relationship”.

Matt Langguth

Bullshit women aren’t happy if you give them the world treat them like they the one and only or if you treat them like shit people in gerenal have the most fucked up morals anymore now days relationship are a joke and marriage is just a piece of paper that’s just my opinion tho!

George Dimakos

Wake up…..we are at 2017 already….life is hard…..what women need….more or less the same has to do with us…the men.Enough at last with all that shits about what we have to do with women…..men are not supermen or any king of magicians…..both we are humans with the same needs and responsibilities….

Luminous Beings

She need to make herself feel that before anything. An individual should not feel like they need another to feel anything about themselves.