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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Art Posos

I guess it’s all about perspective right I want to be wanted rather than needed since once the need is no longer, typically you set on a shelf and it collects dust

Frankie Mercado

Unfortunately This Is True, If Only She Would Of Known The Difference Between Being Loved And Being Used, We Could Of All Had An Alternate Universe

David Morris

That should be “needing” not wanting. Needing is when people use you.

Hussain Sayyad

Life is not fare everytime even being honest n true need to suffer most of d time…

Luvlia Hr

Precisely..we choose to be loved..To luv us with wholeheartedly..Neither using us for their needs..nor taking us for granted..?

Mellissa Campo

yes, sad but true.. wanting & loving should be the way.

Roxanne Price

Just cut that tie, almost fell back into the “trap” but was strong enough to say no, eventually!

Beto Zuniga

Your right. About that art being there set on the shelf to many time its time. For me to move on

Erik Beserra

Ive been with mine 24 years so wanted,loved,either one its all good

Faraz Khan

It’s rare to find someone who really love you because what you are

Joyce Fashbaugh

I always say being wanted is better than being needed. Needed can be interpreted as being used. If you want to be with someone than you love them.

Brian Barton

Lots of users out there. Must be a one hundred to one ratio. Not hard to spot them though and if you let yourself be used by one, shame on you.

Chloe Lustre

Wanting someone is when you just want to keep them for youre own happiness but doesnt care about it,,loving someone is when youre happy sacrificing everything just to make them happy ,,loving someone is when you wanted to keep them safe and warm ,,

Livia Tooblessedtobestressed Walters

Being wanted is equivalent to being used? ?That depends on the type of person your dealing with…you can be used as not be wanted…how do u get to love if u don’t initially want the person in some way….guess I’ll just agree to disagree on this one.

Mhindz Gonzaga Bradecina

True. Sabi nga dont settle for less if you know your worth.
choose to love you not for wanting you, brave to walk away kng alam mong lugi kana may taong para tlga sau na gagawa ng mga bagay na magpapasaya sau na cgurado kang iyong iyo. Tara na simulan na natin bes!?????

Randy Mccammant

It’s very rare to find that one person who will cherish you and give you the love you’ve always wanted instead of using you and moving on to someone else, they are out there, just takes time, don’t settle for less

Anupam Ghosh

Sometimes you know you are being used, still you continue being in relationship hoping someday you will be loved.

Adriana Huapaya

What you want & what you need are two different things. Depends on you & how it reflects. To me a ‘need’ is for a necessity. To ‘want’ is something to choose. Loving and to be loved should be in both. It really depends.

Arthur R. Crespo

It says nothing about being ”used” in the first sentence. This, to me changes, has lost its meaning.

Aira Forsander

I know this difference and learned this lesson to notice how it goes with someones ☺
Most of all mens attentions are just wanting and they get just polite no thanks ☺
When you love you also want and this will never end..
But you can want someone and love as long as you want but when you stop wanting also love ends too ☺
Should understand this difference too ☺

Diana Flor Torre

All I know Karma is a b!#ch. Love truly or communicate you only want needs met. Breaking hearts and minds is not good living.