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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Thuy Huong Pham

A bit different from my POV. No one can’t live without someone. We should have our own life completely. But the room we make for someone in our life will bring much more fun, beauty and amazing. It will be like food with “salt” & “pepper”. Be happy alone then can be happy together…..

Tara Angst

He can live perfectly fine without me. Sometimes I feel like that’s how he wants it.

Michelle Torres

I did marry him and now I’m living without him ?? lol funny how things turn out

Aira Forsander

Once heard he couldn’t live without me but still married another woman to live with ?
Man brains are weird ?
Or then there’s not everything at home ?
Anyway I can live without him ☺

Alexander Young Yiu Chen

Mistress can’t live without her boss, she need salon, makeups, money without it she lost her beauty ..talking about reality. lol

Andrew Selfe

I won’t do it again as in marriage . But I’m starting again & feel for the person I Can’t be with out . But don’t want to let her in as iv now shut down & put my defences back up . As I feel that is the safest way for me , to be myself again & get myself back again . But who knows
It might grow but it will take time this time

Vimal Dhiman

If that person don’t want to then what,yes I can’t live without her but she refused me as a Life Partner. I know she love me but why she refused me as a good life partner.

Jan Prieditis

Binding to someone to fulfill you is falling and love and you drag both you and them down.
Rising in love is when you unconditionally honour the Holy Spirit within them.
Rise in love do not fall in love.

Debojit Dey

All these feelings of ” not able to live without etc etc….. ” are just transitory. Moot point is Intimacy breeds contempt. This contempt can be reduced only through continues soft and loving behaviour

Tony Gonzalez

AMEN when you are truly in love with someone and you in love with them with the love of Christ that is true love you feel like you want to be with them every moment of the day and yes share your life with them to the end and when they’re not near you you feel like part of your heart it’s not there because they hold that other part in their hands I met a great woman of God and although it may not have been long ago I feel like she is part of me already like God… Read more »

Philip Simpson

I wish I had people like that but I don’t I have a world full of cut me down and hope I die so maybe I should just do just that

Darren Stewart

Make sure she’s your best friend, and the feelings are MUTUAL! You don’t need to be in each other’s pockets either just mentally ‘together’ ie. never far from each other’s day to day thoughts, and those thoughts aren’t of a jealous nature ?
One sided stuff doesn’t work.

Timothy Beasley

People always say if someone loves you, then you will never have to worry about losing them. You should be afraid to lose them. You should prove your love each and every day possible. If you don’t, your love will become stagnant and slowly decay.

Teresa Balangue

I always wonder can mine live without me? Cause I know how I feel.