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Jan 19, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kelly Hamilton

I’ve been with my hubby 10 years now! Lived together 9 years! Miss him like crazy when he’s at work! I always get excited when he calls to say he is leaving work and coming home. Love him so much! ❤

Daniel Rowe

I had it and she walked away from it its killing me inside as I miss her so badly it hurts and makes me cry on a dayly baises

Nikki Cinalli

I miss my Husband of going on 9 years
Together since youngings 13 hard & loving years Michael Cinalli I never regret picking you!!! I miss you all the time!!!

Aziza Nandya Puteri

My ex once said he missed me and he gave me chocolate. But my feelings towards him now is gone :). We had together in 2 years, i’m give up him rn.

Teresita Caronan

exchanging words of endearment for a brief period of time ill haunts you to remember him for your entire lif.e A love that cannot be allowed in this time . on earth.

Duyu Tadi

I do miss someone deep down in my heart But I can’t tell her Nor can I show her that I miss you because she is already taken by some guy. I wissh she gets breaks up.??

Kevin Ola

We broke up 5months ago, I thought she missed me as well cause I missed her so much but not knowing she has a new one already, ?.

Ericka Du Plessis Cory

That’s exactly how I feel about my husband, and we are married for 10years. The more I spend time with him, the more I miss him when we are apart. I think I am addicted to him

Felicia Anntoinette Hesse Mastrodomenico

This still holds true for me and my honey, who will become my common law husband in June. The state of VA doesn’t recognize that law, but idfc. James and I have been through everything that life anxiously threw at us, and we’re still here, so this state can kiss my ass ?

Ana Garcia

My babe and I …I use to think he was too clingy but now I see how much he loves us doing things together…We’ve only been seeing each other for 7 months and he takes me into account for everything he does…We’ve gotten so use to each other, we miss each other when were apart…i see us having a beautiful and successful relationship:)

Ks Stin

Always feel a little down parting with her after each meet up. Missing come after that.