Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kimberly LaLena

#4 will get people. The way I see it, if you fail at these you automatically don’t do #3. If you respect how your partner feels and value your relationship, you won’t lie, you won’t do things you shouldn’t, and you would never hang out with people who don’t respect the relationship you have. You have to choose each other everyday.

Dusty Jones

Okay I’ve seen this post so many times but I already know that this is what every couple needs to do I mean if they have never had these five things existed in life people wouldn’t even be together through life literally every man and woman have to understand that living together and being faithful trustworthy and supporting each other is what they need to do

Donna Hollywood

Remember what made you fall in love with them and treat him/her as if you are still trying to win them. Always let them know they are the most important person in the world to you…

Amanda Cecil

I had to tell my boyfriend that he spends too much time on his phone. I mean I realize its his phone, but from the time he gets up, to the time he has to get ready for work, his phone barely leaves his hands. Facebook seems to get more focus than me at times. I’m not an attention seeker, but I’m not going to be around forever. I think I upset him when I said it.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…that’s very very applicable to my partner who’s been cheating on me for 10mos. now together with the evil & maniac friend. So, they better stop what they’re both doing to me now….asap. Otherwise, their sex video will come out now soon & the evil & maniac friend will die now soon as well.

Vickie Durossette Peterson

My hubbys always on his phone he gets on sites messageing other ppl then he blames it on his friends so he wont be introuble with me he hardly lets me see his phone much less his friends i can see it on his phone i confront him about it its always my fault im a lier i was seeing thangs he never does anythang he wont man up to doing anythag he does its always my fault

Bea Alvarez

Doesnt seem hard ( in a perfect world ) but one will always fail at the least 2 out of the 5. Question is are you prepared to handle it and how far ?

Joe Lopez

It seems like a very simple list to to follow for most, but in reality for some these things aren’t a priority. They like the idea of a relationship because it offers some level of stability, but because other things and other people are more important to them…they can’t deliver on them. There will always be constant conflict trying to get them to choose your relationship over people who do actually nothing for them. Some people can’t give you even one of those items on the list, let alone all of them.

Tammi Lawless

#3 is key. The rest fall under its umbrella and should be a given. I see so many “married” dudes and guys with girlfriends on this site alone that blow #4 so far out of the water that #3 is impossible. Scum.

Ingrid Richards

Done all above but weren’t his soulmate despite his words I was just feel awful broken u think life’s hard when u got Ill health but it’s nothing to a broken heart

Neha Khanum

S theSe r the best rules for good relationship but unfortunately people seldom bother about ethics of relationship simply they keep aside all toys just play with emotions

Crystal McNeill

Respect is the key to the other 4….if they don’t respect you, they’ll be unfaithful in some form,w which makes the other person feel unwanted, they’ll lie, and you’ll always find yourself wondering why something else is more important…..just my opinion

BrianKeith Sedwick

I try to do that every day my wife and i have been seperated sence july she is in new York me and the kids are in ohio i love my wife with all of my heart but i had buried resentment issue deep inside that a therapist pulled out ,i had been in the army and i thought she had made me choose her or the army

Ryan Brice

Flirting with others is the main killer. Because if she flirts with someone else, there’s no full time for you, there’s no immediate connection between you both, and it’s downright disrespectful. I’d never flirt with anyone while I’m alive with my beaute. I value her heart more than anything in this world

Nicole Miranda

I believe that if you don’t make your partner feel wanted, your partner will not follow with 1, 3, 4, and 5. But, we need to be mature enough to let go, if you are not getting what you need in a relationship, speak up. If nothing changes, let go and move on.

Datoria Henderson

Question is, why is this so hard for people to follow?? A person will only take so much. Relationships now days lack morals and values.

Laura Hay

You can follow all these things and more, but it will never be good enough for the person that’s not meant for you! And that’s ok!

Javier Galvan

I was faithful. I respected her. I never flirted, yet alone looked at another woman. I made time when i couldve. But I never felt wanted.

Joseph Castrigno

“Make them feel wanted” another stupid meme for angry resentful people who believe others can “make” them feel emotions. Not to mention “wanted” is a cognitive interpretation, not an actual emotion.

Heather Lea

Yes these 5 things don’t sound to hard to follow if you are with the one you are suppose to be with, your other half, the one you miss and can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. But I do think even if you have found the one that if you let little things like for instance social media become a crutch it could very well lead to flirting etc….there is always someone out there that’s going to want what you have and if your partner let’s them in and talks to them in private messages or… Read more »

Melissa DeAnn Greene

These are no brainer however…. some people just don’t get it. Usually…. the person is only thinking of themselves and fails to even think of their so called partner feelings or the respect.

Carrie Lynn

So simple!!! Why do people struggle with these? I have to believe it’s all about choices and that it must mean your partner isn’t really into you 🙁

Pao Vue

A relationship defined by rules is not pure. Rules are made to govern and control. In a pure relationship, actions such as those mentioned should be mutual and done without saying.

Thevadass Ponvel

Apart from all this don’t share your problems about your relationship to third person because we will never know which shoes that Tarantula is hiding.

Jason Vargo

Rule 6: your partner is more important than your phone. Always.