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Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Dushyant Kumar

Easier said than done when u love the other person v much but everyday u r lied to, taken for granted, dis respected n ignored

Mahnoor Mani

If I implement these goals in my life,I lost every relation in my life, some time just close your eyes and ears is the best way to survive

Grace C Vee

Yes! I’m done with liars, disrespectful ppl, users, & abusers. Here’s to a positive new year with no drama!

Kirandeep Gurvinder Singh

This is done in 2016….i am not going to waste this year….i love those who love me unconditionaly….done….

Fiona Elson

Have and finding hard to part new journey book is now closed

WeNdy GaRcia

This is very difficult when they were called “family”

Bruce Bailey

The thought is good, but there are laws against eliminating people.

Daryl Moore

From the desk of R. Moore. Sounds like good advice but I did this almost 6 years ago. I got rid of all these people with the exception of 4 people.

Koi Rochau

Damn, you’d be left with no one but yourself then. Everyone lies to some degree, everyone uses another to some degree, ect.

Rod Bascon

Holy Shit! Kim Hendricks all in 1 meme. Bye Felicia! Stay in 2016 where you belong.

Tonja Pittman Wehrman

I did that in 2016! 2017 will go down in history as the best year to date!

Sharda Patel

Very moralistic and commendable values,but in real life it’s very difficult to live like this,it’s better to close your eyes and ears and carry on and learn to forgive.

Walterio Tinay

Love your enemies pray for those who persecute you . These is the teaching of our lord Jesus Christ . As book of Romans 13 : 10 Love does no harm to each other therfore love is the fulfillment of the Law . The law of Of Mighty God … the Ten Commandments.

John Holm

The way I see it right now is we all should be trying to please almighty God because we got so much drama in store for us in near future that if there ain’t no God then we will all for sure be annihilated as a species because there is no harmony in the world leaders today and anyone who is married knows you have to have harmony to achieve and move forward. And today if you are not moving forward you are going backwards at a fast rate of knots because even the quickest ones moveing forward are still… Read more »

Lyn'l Matthews

Does this mean I have to get rid of my
children cuz they are guilty of all four?!!!?

Binny Joseph Mathew

Lol…. Then buy the end of 2017 the world population will be halved! ??

Bonnie Gamache

That is totally my resolution for 2017 and also realizing that the people that do all that are the ones with the problem. Not me.

Max Schell

Err… My version of eliminate makes this kind of illegal, but yeah.

Brandi Morris

Done dropped him. Cant even say im sorry bout it. Cant even remember a time i wasnt miserable. Other than my daughters birth the rest was crap.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Sad…that’s because, there are a lot of fake & evil people in this world. So, they better return all of these to me now asap: my check worth P1B, my plaques/awards plus all the gifts that I’m supposed to get last December 16, 2014. As well as these: my house & lot, my appliances, my car, my insurance, etc. Otherwise, they will now be in BIG TROUBLE NOW SOON, FOR LIFE!!! Because, their 3RD KARMA will happen now again THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! So, I will never ever stop until the TRUTH comes out & JUSTICE prevails. And I… Read more »