Jan 20, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Carla Miranda

True. I’ve found I had cancer, lost loved ones and became the custodian of a handicapped person; also gone through financial crisis. I’m ready for a better year.

Mark Frank

Only 2016 has been hard, I can’t imagine what it was like for my ex. Whitney Twotwo Demientieff. If it was that bad you should of left a long time ago.

Melanie D Howard

Yes 2015 & 2016 has been the most cinfusing for me. Lost my brother in 2015 and my dad in 2016. Hopefully 2017will be so much better. Still staying to myself.

Jaime Ryan

By far the worst year of my life. In August my brother was murdered! I hate 2016 and im already hating 2017 because i dont want to go on without him. I feel like im leaving him in 2016.

Annie Lutterman

DUDE FOR REAL. These two years rocked my world. Trying to concentrate on the good things remember the positivity, but some major shit went on.

Meryle Carr

My mom got her stroke,became an invalid and went into a coma and died in 2015.I became executor of her estate,tree fell on the house had to move to the condo, still need to complete her estate, lost my soulmate to a German actress and it has been going down hill since.XX

Chioma Olaoluwa Bethel

Hmm, this is somewhat true. I survived it all and I grew, more matured through it all. Pain made me birth purpose and I had to face the mirror. I undervalued myself but now I realize who I am in God. That’s the best place to be. I know 2017 ushers me into a new season because weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. He who goes out weeping continually shall doubtless return with rejoicing, bearing the sheaves with him.

Patricia A Jerome

I personally dont care about one year or another..they all have 💩 in them there are good bits ..i enjoyed watching the Vikings my highlight of the year..the worst is knowing how much my daughter hates me..the best knowing how much my two sons love me.. i hate luving with my cheating husband,but im stuck with him because i need health insurance for my sciatica pain ..good bit is my mum didnt die shes nearing 90..i want to die when she does..i need to buy a 🔫 as its over for me without my mummy….im already alone..but at least i… Read more »

Tarik Penny

No lie 2 dat. I testify I’ve gotten a lot 2 b greatful 4, 2 God I give d glory & praise. 2 my family, friend & relatives much thanks for a listening ear, confidence, & motivation. Love & respect.

Sonya Causer

Yep. I’ve had a pretty rough life but my son has made it his mission in life to destroy me and it almost worked but now, I’m not gonna take it anymore. I am going to survive and start living my life.

Victoria Lariviere

These last two years I’ve left the love I’ve lost. Found happiness in work, home but lost it. Knew what it was like to be homeless. Am a student a caregiver, became committed to find my spiritual path and awareness. Moved forward in giving my love again. And found family the strongest stone untill the very end

Luis Rebaza

Quieres que alguien sé te declare

1. besa tú mano(derecha)

2. Di el nombre de tú amor.

3.Cierra tú mano (derecha)

4. Di nombre de un día de la semana.

5.Di tu nombre y Abre tu mano.

6. Pega esto en otros 15 comentarios y el día en que dijiste, te va a decir que tu le gustas y que sean N-O-V-I-O-S.

si rechazas esto te va ir mal.

Pam Roe

I,ve heard this often now….and at times felt it…..however looking back over the years have found some of them even harder and
“We Made It”……and we all have the Strength & Courage within us to “Make This year Even Better”!! I know “We Can All Do It”!! <3 <3 <3

Kim Hansen

I’ve experienced all of these things over the last 2 years in spades. I’m hoping even in spite of the unrest in our country, that 2017 will be better.

Tiffany Cecil

2011 & 2012 for me.. 2011: My Mom died unexpectedly & 2012: My now ex-husband left me for another woman. But I bounced back stronger than ever. The ebb & flow of life is pretty spectacular.

Kris Zerby

January 2015–Hired a lawyer, found out mom had cancer, lost mom, filed for divorce, took 4 mos to get him to move out, lost fat on bottom of feet..can barely walk by end of day but still working full-time and part-time, finally divorced in March 2016, fought 6 more months just to get papers signed to release house and car as well as trying to get him to take his dog while he tried to force me to keep her indefinitely. Finally last month of this year all fight is done, dog in a new great home and I am… Read more »

Kathy Sklenar Everton

I wonder how much Social Media has to do with it….we think everybody is living these wonderful lives via what we see posted instead of just living our lives as we used to??

Annie Loyola

The most challenging and painful year for me. Lost some two-faced relatives and friends, confronted Ms. L the “mistress” for many years,, emotional torture, breast cancer dilemna, chemotherapy sessions. Thank u Lord for making me stronger than before. Hoping and praying for more strength and stronger faith to carry anything come what may. May love, peace, respect and decency cover some lost individuals. I have very supportive and loving family and real friends around that keeps me going 😄 so ready for 2017!!!

Don Wester

We are in the midst of great change and an awakening of the human spirit. This is “rocking the boat” so we might become more aware of the real nature of self and life. Those who insist on avoiding change will suffer the most. Those who embrace it will find a new (and better) way of living.

David Maielli

People will say that about next year too. And the next year and the next…. grow a set and tough up every year has obstacles. Life isn’t easy…. unless you’re rich but even then they have problems. Just not the kind of worrying about a job lol

Taps Kuuya

This is so me. I wouldnt say the worst, because I know there is someone who suffered more than me, but I also had my fair share of sadness. But the lessons I learnt transformed me.

Dave Parker

I have felt all of them and then some. I help to put my wife through school and then on October 14 when she graduated of massage therapy she said she no longer wants to be tied down and has a new massage family. Then on November 22 I found out I got cancer and the next day she was gone . So now I feel so alone and scared to deal with this. Now I feel it’s my punishment for not doing more , however I’m trying to stay strong , its hard and to feel not lone too

Shaista Pollard

That’s when we learn to lean on Jesus and that’s what these years have taught me so thank you Jesus for the worst because I know you only you have my back.