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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Mohan Chandra

A man can touch the heart of a woman when there is emotional feelings of love, care, sharing, listening, understanding a woman…..and when a woman also responds with such feelings, then emotions are mutually rejoiced and celebrated together….where there are emotions, there grows the mental, emotional, physical feelings too…..love is assimilation of all the feelings into one….you cannot separate heart from body, mind from soul…..true emotions and love can only bring smile to cherish the moments of life in togetherness..

Jose L Mercado

To some extent I agree. Imo, feeling appreciated is wat matters most. At least me personally I’m content wit feeling appreciated. When u feel da appreciation for hard work n efforts everything else jus falls into place. Helping me feel secure, telling me I’m handsome, spoiling n more are simple signs of a woman dat appreciated me.

Joshua Renae Ramos

I was divorced once…and in the end, I always regretted that I bought into the modern sitcom ideal that husbands are jokes. It started out funny until the words grew their own bitter truth. In my new relationship, I did treat him like a king. He didn’t appreciate. Maybe the next one will.

August Foreman

I COULD respond with some bitter, one-sided post about the token women being complete misandrics . . . But I’ll just let them be angry today on Christmas. It’s not worth it trying to give a shit about those kinds of people in any capacity. Not anymore.

Doris Terry

Told him all this and more. Didn’t work. When a man gets tired of waking up with the same woman after 21 years of marriage, he will hold on to things that will justify his reason for infidelity and walking out.

Hanny Djajaputera

NOT TRUE… MEN always spoiled themselves like nice car, games, what ever the heck… when we want something for ourselves he said NO… do NOT get married unless he is willing to pay. At the end of the day if he sick died you are stuck with his dead body make sure he has enough money for burial you don’t want to beg your family or friends to bury him.

Adelia Carvalhio

What if your anniversary is 2 days before Christmas. You go out of your way on both days. He makes absolutely ZERO effort. Not even a flower. And you end up spending Christmas “by yourself” while he plays on his phone THE ENTIRE DAY and leaves you to entertain yourself?!?!

Kinza Ali

Definitely, would love to say my would be man
Is the most appealing, kind, down to earth, worth keeping, wonderful, amazing, handsome person on this planet earth.?
I love you so so so much.

Steve Amolochitis Burns

I want to be treated the way I want to be treated I don’t need to be spoiled I just won’t faithfulness and for her to lose her own words before she speaks to make sure I understand them before she speaks so and a bunch of BS

Reece Michael De Jäger

Should be a thing but half the time, you treat a girl like a queen and she stabs you in the back and fucks someone else, don’t let people in easy they have to earn it ?

Ines Innesa Draganovic

YES, but only IF he treats you like a queen! If he treats you like an option, help them narrow their choice by removing yourself from the equation.?✌?

Albert Nour

Love with no expectations from the heart .. if she really loves you, she will express and appreciate that which will really make you her king .. if you do not get that .. !! just leave .. there is another girl out there waiting for you to be her king and she will understand from what you do that she is your Queen .. Greetings to Queens who understand and know how to treat Kings 🙂

Marie Bean

Yes this is true and suppose to be this way and no other way,That’s what makes a relationship works besides the love strong for one another he will have ?for only and she will?for him only!!!??

Ben Stock

Yes – always treat her like a queen, but don’t get taken for granted or taken for a ride. Don’t sell yourself short of an equally reciprocated relationship where both parties are appreciated……one day

Tiffany Hooker

Biggest problem with most is how they were raised ,you hear women say I give all of me and treat my man like a king but in actuality they don’t know what that is because they were spoiled or got their way most of the time .That’s why a man will leave a women for another women who is not quite as pretty but has everything the other does not .

Peter Williams

I thought there was nothing going for men except just to pamper the women as if men are without feelings and do not needs the same attention women craved for. And for this cause men venture out to find what they do not get at home, while he always makes the women feels like a queen while he is made to feels like trash.

Marie Hagerö

Yes!!! No matter gender, respect is something VERY important in ALL relationships… and it goes BOTH WAYS!!! Shouldn’t even have to be pointed out like this…

William Leonard Barnes

I don’t need to be reminded of my self worth, I know who I am, don’t need my wife to hold my hand and compliment me everyday. I’m not a psychic vampire.

Luis Torres

Why treat a woman as a queen when she doesn’t treat the man like a king. Believe its true how a woman or man is brought up. Why sell yourself short. Guess its takes time to fine the ideal person for you but time is moving and life is short so maybe its meant to be by yourself and love yourself

Mhell Bourne

And if you treat them like shit infront of your kids and in public and make up stories then what do you expect?? An apology for public humiliation?? C’mon!!

Himanshu Mishra

Rejection of feelings is more painful than rejection of any promise or relationship….because when someone rejects or neglects someone’s feelings, emotions, love, care and existence then even in togetherness, such rejection feels so painful…but everyone experiences good or bad part of a relationship only after being into a relationship.

Vicky Vicky

If he treat u like a queen,,cn u treat him as king when u know tat he not treat only u but there are many more queens behind u? Look at ur father n mom,,tats the real king n queen,.not everyone will b

Pamela Nash

IF <~~~~~~ is the key word. I treated him like a king while he treated me like I was something he stepped in. Now, I'm done.