Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Aneta PinkAs

know exactly how it feels….but my life still stuck on this sad side…and anything I try it still turns in circle…Gosh I wish it could change right now!!

Raul Mateo

adolescent stages:trial and error,now test and measurement how dept…

Dan Lim

I no exactly how it feels with this shit. Come out the other side a stronger person

Selene Licon

Need this in my life

Lisa Ann McAbee

Can’t wait for that feeling of victory…. Seems like it’s I’m a dog chasing its tail

Lizel Sosobrado Salcedo

all of this, weather we like it or not we have both experience all of this, the only thing we can do is how can we handle if we are in the tough situation

Jamal Lee

That’s exactly how I feel lot of crazy things happen to a good guy which is me this year

Vicky Vicky

After saw the pic hw cn a man still hope the same person,,it’s like cnt believe ist tat person

Rose Mary Banco

We should value every single moments in our life,it is an undying cycle.

Ken Fetter

I think about dying and death everyday..no loss. Worms gotta eat

Shey Tanedo

So true, because after every storm there’s always a rainbow? , just don’t give up things will change for better?

Lee C DesRosiers

Soooo true. I pray for the strength for my mind, body and soul to help me to endure whatever I have to encounter ahead of me.


Blessed *** “Be Loyal Every Single Second Every Day”

Rudy Benitez

Ive gone through all of these..even repeated some several tiempos. This my first Christmas in over eight years…n its still difficult to accept certain things or tolerate…ppl tell me to be understanding, have an open mind… im trying to do it on my own…n it feels like a steam roller crushing my mind…wonder what 2017 will be like if its only been four months for me…i talked to God..cuz only He understands n knows what i need!

Aira Forsander

I have expearienced these so many times and now I know these are all past and coming year is coming to be best year for along time I have lived ☺

Dusty Jones

Yeah literally I’ve had a s***** year this year but things will be turning around for me in the New Year hopefully I’ll be seeing my girlfriend because we are long distance

Lindsay Livsey

I can relate to this. Theres always something in life that gives hope, a change in attitude if we don’t follow others in feeling Woe is me. Life makes one stronger and the highs become more precious. I am lucky, I have such precious family around me. I thank God for that.

Ashanté Chanice

I don’t need that much evil to know I’m holy. Sorry. I like what I know so far. Amen