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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Every girl needs a man in whose arms she can find her peace, her world, her solace…. Someone who can ease all her pain by just one hug and just one kiss on her forehead. There is a child inside her heart which needs to be pampered and loved to the core. She always wants someone who can look into her eyes and read her thoughts and understand her silence. She will never give up on the man in whose arms she finds her heaven because she can do anything for the man whom she loves and trusts.

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Relationship Rules
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Mara Paulino

Beautiful this text. But in my opinion a man will never be able to understand what a woman feels. I only knew pain disappointments and now that I’m sick more sad is my heart.( My opinion)

Ingrid Richards

Just got to have him men never know what they want sometimes I start thinking could it just be me then I think just need my soulmate u think u find them then their actions break your heart like they are so not proud of you in social media world
I’m Not that hard work truly I’m not everyone has flaws maybe I’m just not gifted to be with another maybe I should prepare for the worst afterall words trying is no longer soul mate is it oooo life

Sergio Turcios

Some women are so idiots that think that the person she likes would do all that stuff… but in some cases there is other guy that would do even more 4 her, he really care about everythin she does or likes, but she does’nt like him… she prefer him as a best friend?

Sparty Wilson

Ask, and it shall be given; seek and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be open, but without these…, no trial, no arrival.

Lori Gapp

Why can’t guys just be honest what kind of man tells someone that they will wait for them after work or just d egg o.o by I’m only a couple of blocks away but then don’t mean it I’m a strong sensible woman you don’t want me fuck be man enough to tell me

Hazey Jane

And the other way round. We all need the same things. Humans and other animals alike, regardless of sex, age, status. All sentient beings need to be loved and cared for.

Raymond Esin

Well said,but you should know that a woman heart is so big and deep like the ocean.so no man can ever understand a woman’s feeling or heart. Merry Christmas to you my friends..

Kaih Walters

I think you can only receive this when you accept nothing less and give the same in return. So many people are willing to settle for so much less and then wonder why they are unhappy.

Amoula Dabdouba Botti Jouini

90% of people marry their 7th grade love. since u have read this, u will be told good news 2night. if u don’t pass this on nine comments ur worst week starts now this isn’t fake. apparently if u copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. you will either get kissed or asked out in the next 53 minutes someone will say i love you

Sebron Worthy

Bull, she wants somebody that will treat her bad and talk crazy to her and half care. Anybody better then that gets treated like dirt.

Jennifer Hawbecker

This is u for me Evelio Alvarez Jr……I know we may disagree & argue sometimes, but at the end of each day u r my EVERYTHING!

Theia Tran

I think the type of guys that can look into your eyes and knows what’s causing you your blues or pains is one in a million. I need one myself lol

Angel Abunda

Well said☺☺ I love you mahal Jerzon Grafane ❤ I told you I will give everything that I can. You’re my better half who keeps completing me as what and who I am now. Im not just lucky but I’m very very blessed to have you as a partner. I will spoil you by loving unconditionally ’til the end mylove!????

Rodney Addison

This is a TWO way Street – Love – Like an Respect goes BOTH ways !!! Relationships are NOT 50/50 sometimes it’s 70/30 but it goes both way as far as Morals an Respect if True Love is Involved !!!!

Billy Barns

Yep hear we go again. Always the girls, they want this they want that, they want loyalty respect love commitment, genuine, oh and let’s not forget “HONESTY”
Well you know what?
So do guys, we’re not all arseholes. God i could say so much more.

Juan Rivera

Men need this too ladies.