Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Connie Belandres Vandenhaak

And I am soooo glad that it will never go back the way it used to. I am so much better today than I was. No looking back and moving forward! Loving life!

Tristan Yap

i still love her even though she already forget about me

Ashley Dalton

This is true. I guess this is what “adulting” is and growing up and apart.

Shazia Malik

its very difficult to leave things behind nd move forward…

Bill Harris

And that’s not what I’m after. Would like to start anew with my ex. If I could just convince her that I’ve changed.

Russel Bernardino

Christopher John Aguzar i hope tignan mo kasi i know you ibang tinatag ko sayo dedma k lng..

Adhi Jina

Yeah! Nothing will be the same again , it doesn’t matter how much I want them to be.

Josie Flores

So true, just have to move forward with what you have. All these are lessons of life…

Shiella Jean Garcia

Yeah specially if the trust is not strong lik the way you use to.

Luvlia Hr

Once is gone is gone..No matter how hard we try..it won’t be back as it used to be..Definitely not..& don’t put hope on that..😐

Crystal Miles

Not even close to how they used to be. Some people change for the worst. #byefelica

Sheena Marie Turner

Very true, but honestly that’s not always a bad thing. 👏🏼

Sheila Uy Adajar

And it hurts, when you find the right love at the wrong time.

Connie Reed

Some days that is a hard pull to swallow when you’re missing important people in your life, but most days it is OK and you hold onto the happy memories and go on.

Cherrylyn Lucas

I don’t think so…everybody has a chance. It’s just up for the person to make an effort or not. Because, if you really love the person…you will certainly come back for that person, no matter what happens & no matter what the odds maybe. =)

Anthony Adams

Why would you want them to go “Back”….when they can grow BETTER!!! ;0)

Lee C DesRosiers

It’s not wrong to still try and have faith which allows us to hope for the best. However, we would have to be realistic and make the final decision is it worth it???

Be of good cheer!!!

Kinza Ali

Yes, I really miss my college years, those carefree, happy days, hanging out with friends, roaming freely, no stress, no worries.

Arun Bhatnagar

yes it is happens . thanks to Lord when things happens and it is hurt you for good because no matter how much the memories hurt you but you always have some kind of great hope and goodness inside you for regret nothing.

Gary R Thorne

I miss my wife and wish they would. That’s my Christmas wish.

Kerri Dawn

nothing goes backwards, thinking it will is lying to yourself, there is always chance for new beginings <3

Sharon Lane

Thank God…walking away was the day I set myself free and started living MY life❤…#byetom

Ken Fetter

I don’t want same either..I’ve changed and still changing..I want it better than ever