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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Emma Vulpix Looshk

Support and love me in what I try to achieve. If I need help you know I’ll ask you but I don’t need to drag you into every situation I face. It’s not fair on either of us. Also I expect that you can ask for help and support from Me too.

Linda Burton

A real man will help out a women when he truely loves her

Claudia Gadea

Lori Love Hendricks

A real man will respect her wishes if she truly doesn’t want him to ???

Omer Doperid

Ang lalaki pag bumitaw sa relasyon Dina dapat pinag titiwalaan pag nakikipag balikan uulitin uli yan ng lalaki ISA pa kailangan matutu sa pagkaka mali maraming lalaki mashigit PA sa nagpaluha kaya kilalanin Mabuti kahit matagal basta yong hindi ka iiwan sa ere magalang at marunong umunawa

Salina Young

Oh but i do and i feel better about it..dont need no one but God and my babies

Danielle Logan

A real man will “let” me do whatever the fuck I want. There is no “letting” me do anything. Like I need a man to “let” me do something.

Michael Fenner

Ok armchair Facebook philosophers. Stop trying to interpret what your definition of a “real man” is and go back to trolling and being stupid.

Aj Walker

And I dont think its the fact that you do everything for her just that you would and you try and she knows you got her back she’s not a baby but she’s your babe kinda thing

Thomas Douglas

You both must understand each other in a biblical way, not society’s way. Because for years that never worked. To much attention given to each other from social media. Distractions causes problems. Not being judgemental about each others wants.

Nicki Joohyun Ji

A real man respects what a woman does independently, watches it and supports her. “When she needs help”, he helps her. It is the best part. Not that part. I know if a man loves someone, he wouldnt wanna let woman do anything by herself. But we r living in 21th century and women are getting more enlightened. Such a out dated thought…..

Breanna Rupe

Oh good grief. Half of the people who commented on this post have totally missed the point of the post all together; you’re too busy looking for a reason to be offended that you can’t take something at face value

Darrin Graham

A real man would let her and watch