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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Yuri Debevc

As I read these quotes from “Relationship Rules” they state the obvious that any civilized, cultured and educated man knows or should know if he was brought up properly by his parents. Someone once did a pretty good job of description of love ” Love is mutual respect, consideration and confidence and trust of unshakable loyalty and concern for each other through good and bad times.” Need I say more?

Dorothy Sellors

No, not all of them. Some don’t. You’ve been unfortunate in meeting the wrong kind. Success in meeting the right one in the future.

James Russell Derby

Definitely agree. A marriage only works when you can tolerate the worst in one another. Everything else is easy.

Chris Smith

Some levels of anger shouldn’t be tolerated. Knowing whether a person is going to care about you in the moments is something only time will test and reveal. Trial and error. Just learn from your mistake: They’re the wrong one. Try another. Just don’t use the past against them. Wrong again? Repeat. Try another. Eventually you could get it right. Or quit, and have nobody. All personal preference really.

Sukaina Gulamali

BuT Brian David Kidd not all women Are d same ther r those who love and accept u,but Yes ther hard to find too only if ur lucky

David Besinaiz

That’s my wonderful wife. Even when I’m a Jerk she always here for me. Lol I think she knows it makes me feel worse about being a Jerk. Just kidding. She’s Awesome!!

NouRi Albachzha

Anger is just temporary. Understand that there s no relationship which all sunshine. Decrease ur ego, and love ur loved one more.

Cristi Easterwood

1st don’t marry someone who is so volatile. 2ndly, if u think u can handle their anger, wait til it’s aimed toward u AND it’s not even ur fault!

Violet Kinkela

The same people who loved each other after a while starts to hate each other! That stinks and that’s why marriage cannot work for more than 5 years if you both don’t work at it!

Laura Lea Panther

Don’t worry about marriage if they have these flaws while dating keep looking …. Real love works through all obstacles…but it takes 2 people willing to try…

Ashlee Brady

So much hate and hurt here…seems we need better people in this world …why can’t we just love everyone and show kindness and care to all…stop being selfish assholes only thinking about one person on this planet..I assure you there are so many more than just one…

Vivian Alexis Sarabia

The only person who as someone for me is God he has someone for me and I know that 100% because I know that someone is waiting for me like I am for them and I’m not going to give up on that Faith in the Lord because the Lord is the best Matchmaker and I know that one day in the future I will meet that person one day

Brian David Kidd

That’s impossible, cause women get mad and hold grudges forever.

You can’t love someone that can’t forgive and forget.

That’s like paying for a crime you committed once for the rest of your life.

Women can’t handle it if they were in this position.
So women shouldn’t do this to a man.

Komal Rajput

i think we should to do merry which love only us not our body & beauty . 83 percent peoples like only body & beauty . in love first of all their demand is physically .