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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Dean Foreman

But wait…what if the “right person” isn’t looking for a partner either? And are focusing on goals and rebuilding their life?? Waiting for YOU to find THEM??


One of the silliest things I’ve heard, yet this sentiment keeps popping up everywhere…if you want something, you can’t just sit around and wait for it to happen…

Gary Abend

I agree,,just live and do your thing ,and the right one will come along in due time,,and probably someone right under your nose..

Marlene Hurtado

that’s what I’m trying to do and it really does make me happy … and to know all I need is myself and daughter now ! all for her for us ????❤❤????

Cindy Cook

I know all the wise advice is correct, but it still hurts to be lonely, and to try and be patient when you are an older single mom. I know I’m supposed to wait for God to bring me the right person too. It just gets overwhelming….

Brandon Gliha

Sis thank you. Its true it’s a lot easier said than done. For me she was my perfect one. Everyone is right. But it still hurts. To be there in love one morning and by noon she breaks up for not a good excuse. Then she knows I love her but still tortures me. I hate that she days I deserve someone else someone better. Then I realize I’m putting in my all for someone who is playing a game. Good men being destroyed by miscommunication. Or games. Smh. Just want to be happy. At my age, I don’t like… Read more »

Victoria Rollins

This is exactly what I told my on/off bf. we both believe we’re each other’s soulmates but we’re both always too busy for each other. So one day I told him we can keep the title of “together” but we need to focus on ourselves and trying to find our own path and eventually the time will come when we can completely devote ourselves to each other. ☺

Raven Cotton

Right on that one!! The one will find you like a sweet surprise that you didn’t expect to get so soon. <3 (heart smiling) #LOVE #SOLID #BLESSED

M Joy Cone

Yes. I stopped without knowing it earlier this Fall. It feels good.

Stephen Smith

When Im too old and my health and youth is gone?? No thanks

Miroslav Miro Petronic

But what if I’m the right person that eventually has to find someone who is focusing on her goals and rebuilding her life ? ???

Cole Gremore

Yep, no one can fix you except you. The right person can magnify and multiply your positives but you and only you are responsible for building those positives.

Brian David Kidd

Sad part is many women depend on men to rebuild their lives, to reaching their goals.
They can’t do it alone, cause they depend on others for everything.

While men are left alone, they learn how to depend on themselves to get it done.

Rudy Miranda

This will happen, when we put God first in our life.then his will be done. If that’s what we want.its never to late.as for my salf . I had my salf first. Now put him in first place. And I take one day at a time. Pray for all my family and my self. I will fight the good fight. Love you all and Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.??????

Linda Sundell

If I had a dollar for every time someone’s told me this…

Another annoying one… “it’ll happen when you least expect it.” I give it an “A” for annoying.

Jen Love

Wrong. If everybody only ever focuses on SELF and never caring to have a partner, then guess whos looking for a partner? NO ONE because everyone is only caring about SELF and MONEY so that’s all you end up with. By your self.

Omer Amin

true but i have question for this….what if the right person also stopped looking for partner and focusing on goals and rebuilding too? no one will find their way to you as long they also focusing on their goals too just like you do 😀

Rob Treuter

Though it may never happen, you were true to the person who brushes your teeth in the mirror; they will find that person if they are out there.

Tom Cheng

without clearing the old shits, new opportunities won’t come.
Throwing retarded things, rebuilding both my body and soul, and hope to be found by another person…

Scott Sweeney

The odds of two people in this position would be rare….and don’t they deserve the same from each other??? Oh, the joke on humanity of a life partner…

Jon Gendt

This worked for me! She walked into my life at the right time.