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Jan 21, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jesse McKenzie

A real person stays dedicated to their partner, no matter what, there shouldn’t even be temptation, if you’re not happy, have to courage to tell them, and either sort it out or politely leave.

Brian David Kidd


A Real Woman is like a Real Man,
A person that has Breath, is Alive and you can physically Touch.

A Good or Bad Woman,
A Dedicated or a Whore of a Woman,
A Loving or a Hateful Woman,
An Encouraging or a Devaluing Woman,

Well, that’s a totally different thing.

Never use the word “Real” about a person in order to get a response out of them.

Sourav Rajput

Nd what are the circumstances for being a real men…!!! I’ll analyzie my self.. what I don’t have which makes me real men…

Marc Bartlett

I did not know its they are trying to have marriage with dolls? No wonder… you cant be in love with a doll. At pinochio got to be a real boy. Feminist ate worthless. Smart men know these trifling devils and stupid men are married. Thats why their wives go on vacation alone, have girls weekends and constantly message me on fakebook.

Donna Hollywood

Not many real men or women out there. They claim to be but run to the next man/woman the firs sign of trouble. How dedicated can that be? and not much of a man or a woman either.

Louis Navarro

There are some real men out there that still live in the “Happily Ever After” dream but unfortunately to many have been burned by supposed real women that it’s better being an asshole for some reason women believe that if you have your shit together. Your life is boring but if you have a minimum wage job and live with your mom your life if adventures and fun.

BlackChiild Caiiro

It’s hard this days to find a man who’s really commited to one woman.But i think if a real woman and a real man stick together it’s a one joy ride to a happy ever after life.

Shannon Lee

Yes, yes and yes!!!!!!! Even if she has many guy friends. She will look at you and only you. But most men dont understand this soooo

Tina Biyik

I don’t think there are any real men left. They are a dying breed! It’s so sad to hear that 2 women a week are killed by males in Australia.

Rebekah Joanne Stevens

Shame alot of men and women dont see this, I wish I was around in the 40s and 50s where they only really stayed with 1 person no such thing as cheating???

Bea Manuel

IF he’s Single and available…and resipicates the same emotional interest..Ladies..be so careful to pick up the joys of who you stay committed and faithful to…I still prefer MY God..He is Great and Wonderfully Awesome..We have a Bond which is so oo o strong..

Tara Allen

I feel the term “real” is the most misused word. It literally doesn’t make sense to use this particular word in reference to men or women.

Donald Rivera

I see a whole lot of sexist people on this thread! When they say the opposite these women chear for joy, uplift each other and all that! Then people wonder why quotes like this are needed to be said! Just understand things like this go’s both ways! Geez ladies get a grip!!

Aiden Airs

And a Real Man stays dedicated to one Woman. But real men are rare.

Jessica Hernandez

It’s not a matter of being “Real”, but being “Ready”.
If both parties involved are not “Ready” to be committed, then it’s not a Real Relationship, it’s more like “Killing Time”
Instead of asking someone to be exclusive when Loyalty is In Question, ask “Want to kill some time with me?”
Just as Romantic…..Right? ☕️

Carlos Hill

A real person stays dedicated to their partner no matter what the situation and circumstances are and being real to your partner without hiding any secrets or hiding your true feelings about that person. A real person also goes by how they feel about a person and doesn’t judge or go by how family or friends think about that person but how they feel about that person and whether or not they want something or continue to have something with that person.

Carl Hersh

This is a shallow thought. There are all sorts of valid reasons not to stay “dedicated” and no amount of dedication or lack thereof determines your gender.

Relationship Rules is for people with unhealthy views on the opposite sex.

Kevin Miguel Connolly

Wish my last three long term girlfriends thought that…cheated on by all of them…so tired of working so hard to be a” real man” for htem only to find out I’m not enough…this is why I don’t trust relationships anymore…

Lewis Henderson

A real man isn’t a bad boy he’s a gentleman that considers others in everything he does. A lot of women say they want a real man but when they meet one they run.

India Morrow

I remember back when I had a guy from another country I wanted to marry but I didn’t know if he could come…..I started talking to other guys and lost part of his attraction to me. I regret it so much. If you find one you are attracted to don’t ever betrayed them. You will live with the horrible feeling of shame and guilt.

Meagen R Schreib

Indeed, yet he wouldn’t know it, nor see it!! He gave his heart to some other stupid c&%ts, now I cont. to pay for all his past hurt, hate and guilt!!! I’M DONE!! I DESERVE TO BE LOVED!!! I DESERVE TO BE CHERISHED!

Lisa Mccathern

buttttt as for my time with the love of my life i should back uo i guess because its nit griwing or leading to what ive been asked n promised a zillion times soooooo okay

Lacey Lee

Ya its not that hard to do. But there’s not many ppl left in this world that have any morals, integrity, empathy, or a conscience at all for that matter. A very rare few.

Brett Maxwell

The problem is, … That too many women don’t want a REAL MAN. & Before the women out there get offended by that? Wait, I’m going to offend you more.. This garbage has gone on for far too long… Women blame men for absolutely everything, … especially their own crappy choices & decisions. It starts at birth, being taught to them by their mothers, … taught to be superficial, materialistic, … & then, being wrapped in a pretense of “romanticism”… & Yeah, I know … “I NEVER…” … “I WOULD NEVER …” , … “MY PARENTS DIDN’T …” … Are… Read more »