Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Meredith Henry

Yes I do. My level of crazy is a little above average! I’m the type of crazy that can scare a man a little bit lol

Gideon B Abraham

That doesn’t me he or she should keep being a phscyo

Nimrod Gamad Alcantara

“You saw how psycho I can be…and yet you accept me the way I am…and what I can become…thank you??”

Rob Cilia

Some of these are just so stupid but this one is funny LOL!

Cherrylyn Lucas

Sweet…but, I’m not a psycho because I have a clearance from my Psychologist & my Psychiatrist already since last yr. But, what did they do? They disregarded them so that they can terminate me from the co. The evil, inconsiderate, dishonest, unprofessional & unjust managers in our office are the only ones insisting that I’m insane so that they can steal all that I’m supposed to get last December 16, 2014…100% because they’re denying all of that to me before, right? THEY’RE REALLY EVIL, YOU KNOW!!! Because, they keep on listening with the evil & crazy people around me for… Read more »