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Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Melanie Jones

Last night a young couple in their early 20’s had a massive fight right outside my bedroom window…I heard it all word for word . She was egging him on to punch her or hurt her. He never did. I respect you man…well done she had lost the plot. Drunk, drugged or not you handled the situation well. You were not violent … but she wanted you to be , for whatever reason you held back. That is awesome! She was being manipulative and spiteful and I am truly sorry you had to be on the receiving end of this.… Read more »

Abiola Fashola

Well i’am Good woman only that i realise that God Almighty has just shore me my write man.

Nakia Nichole

Change isn’t a bad thing. When you reflect on your past just make sure you don’t go back.

Lupe Ray

Sometimes making changes to oneself is absolutely necessary and often times it’s deeper than just that…..

AZ Martin

Honestly,I learned enough that I want to change!!!!!! Real Talk. No desire to go back to the past

Janine Remaley

Agreed. Then you just go numb. Safer that way

Mina Romani Fikri

And the second is the worst ;(

Steven Nguyen

That is very true

Sydney Crocky

Change is good but we need cash

Veronica Horsethief

I love this saying,that’s for sure

Luvlia Hr

Never regret a day in ur life..Good days give happiness..bad days give experience..worst days give lessons & best days give memories..For that two reasons…u’ve learned enough of journey in ur life..From the sweetness to bitterness..If u wanna change..let make it change to hv a better life..in career wise or another words for a real life..If u’ve been hurt..u’ve got to change ur mindset..No more tears..no more crying..& no more remorseful..Step up..stand up & get back to ur own feet..get ur strength back..go & find ur own happiness or find ur true luv..With a strong enthusiasm..??

Daphne Raynes

And some people will not realize that they’re the reason for that change and they’ll blame you for everything.

Tina Shaw Blythe

Agreed. 2nd one is worse but When the right one comes along accepts your flaws and vice versa, the change is a good it’s not always a bad thing. Live and learn but keep growing!!!

Donette Folk

Been hurt enough that i had too. But Thankful i was able to reconnect with myself and put me first that made me whole. I will not ever love enough person more then I love me . ( lesson learned !!! )

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Sad…because, I’ve been deeply & badly hurt by my cheating partner for 9mos. now. So, they better stop what they’re both doing to me now with the evil & maniac friend for 9mos. now. Otherwise, their sex video will come out now & the evil & maniac friend will die now soon…as well. So, I’m really having trust issues now with my partner because my partner is still living in one house with the evil & maniac friend…up to now. They can’t leave each other now because they’re having sex everyday & night inside their house. TOO BAD… Read more »

Jim Gaffey

Or you just wake up with a different thought. Be open to it. It doesn’t have to hurt. A moment.

Stephanie Grabreck

Or you just kill yourself or you become an alcoholic or drug addiction or kill someone or like wind up in a mental institution or something.

Shamaila Khan

Or you are just that darn stubborn and will never change lol

Emily Calbario

That two reason makes me who I am now I am strong and believes things happens for s reason

Francee Holm

I want to as i am a person who loves too much and unwittingly pushes people away. though over time age is mellowing me out.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…I became stronger & a fighter now as a person. That’s because, there are a lot of fake & evil people in this world. So, they better return all of these to me now asap: my check worth P1B, my plaques/awards plus all the gifts that I’m supposed to get last december 16, 2014. As well as these: my house & lot, my appliances, my car, my insurance, etc. Otherwise, I will now be in BIG TROUBLE now soon, FOR LIFE!!! Because, their 3RD KARMA will happen now again THIS MONTH!!! So, I will never ever stop… Read more »

Marites Castro Lucagan

Better nothing at all