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Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brandon Taylor

Teamwork! It makes or breaks sports teams. Why would it not matter in a relationship!?! One way street/one sided relationships will always die or one dies inside…

Christian Jacobi

No one is before the other except GOD!!! Live your life in Right Order!!!

Luvlia Hr

Some ppl never noted that..or being heck care..ultimately the relationship will not everlasting..?

Michelle Gonzales

Also put each other first. It only takes a few seconds to think before you speak or act.

Aăă Neăr

Easy say than do, 3 mans that I met in my life, I’ll treated them good, but they are treating me like shit.

Leti Acuna

Very True that’s the way the old days were WE take care of each other always married to each other or not always take care of each other always

Bee Guerrero

Some don’t know what that means.
They are to busy beening self fish

Dar Cameron

That how I think yup but not sure about my other half ?

Jim Lavita

Thought i had that but when i had no more money for her butts she left

Bri Williams

This is exactly right. Teamwork=structuralism = great foundation =longevity

Santos Sanchez

God is first,If God allows two people to become friends ,So let it be as it should be,Balance is imporant in any Relationship,God is first.

Linda Davis

Respect is the most important thing in a relationship if you respect someone you will have everything else that you need and want you can love someone but being in love with someone is something entirely different trust is a big factor also you have to trust each other go to church together and worship God and you will never fail

Lisa Thomas-Finney

Whooo! Yes. I strongly believe in this. Yes Respect & Team Work. If you’re really in love with each other, learn who each other is as a person. Communicate well, you become like best friends.
I agree about the trust also, but that comes being built over time during the period I just mentioned. In learning each other.

Thomas Leber

Here’s a thought.
How about we stick to the the commitment we made when we said I do. They were called Wedding vowels.
And when you break them your held responsible for breaking them. The lawyers won’t like that idea.

Bryan Brenes-Rios

Yep I’ve been married 25 years with ups and downs but we always work it out . Gotta back each other up and be understanding and supportive at all times , the older you get together the better it gets.

Cindy Cook

That’s what I believe, but my ex husband, who abused me our entire marriage, said I was to obey him, per scripture! That’s why we are getting a divorce…

Sales Quiocho William

It must always be the reciprocal, it cannot be a one-way street or else either one will start to lie and eventually cheat,,the end will be history!!!

Derscheid Moodyw L Toby

So true, and easy?? At least one would thin. Seems that there is always someone that needs to put that frigging ” I ” in the word “teamwork”

Gerardo Flores

In reality that is what love and relationships are all about, the merging of two souls into one.

Victor M. Ramirez

If they feel love there is no “You have to do more for our relationship ” …..we are a team so no one is before