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Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Trinity Summers

“I’m sorry” means nothing unless you provide evidence by a change of actions to prove you’re sorry. Just saying “Im sorry” but not actually doing anything about the wrong you did is pointless and meaningless.

Kinza Ali

For men it can never be true, it’s their brought up which differentiates them.

Helena Woodward-Ryan

I’m pretty sure that “I’m sorry” means nothing. Just means lets go back to things my way.

Hadassah Fungulwe

That’s true bkoz u cannot apologize minus having the say bad behaviour

AbBy Gatbonton

someone so special showed me that this is in deed the best apology yet… =) <3

Ayushi Gupta

A changed behavior..!!!! Impossible.. Behavior can b changed in childhood… But an adult can’t change his bad habits…!!

Sheila Mcrae

That would be like repenting.never wanting to do the same thing again

Eyrforce Ann

Yes it is… that is the biggest thing u could do…

Anthony Adams

Now, we have to figure this “Behavior” thing out….because that could be on either side of these stories!!! ;0)

Ann Marie Kendall

Sorry is more than a word, it requires action

Bianca Custer

Yes, yes, yes!

Nikkie Garner

But what if u chancge and someone close starts doing what U where doing.

Ashleigh Olsen

Amen!!! If you really love someone you will compromise and change together

Kathryn Fort-McKee

That won’t happen. And if it does it’s only short lived anyhow.

Jamie Barton

You have to change to grow as a person. By nature we resist change so when you do make a change, Pat yourself on the back and say NEXT. ?

Brian David Kidd

Yet so many women believe that a man needs to change because they deserve it.

Men look at women that expect them to change asking why can’t she look inwards and create some personal growth for herself.

Which goes to show that she expects it and demands it.
Yet refuses to work on herself because of her selfish and deserving attitude in the relationship.

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…so, you better be back here now & leave your evil friend there now…for good & for life. Otherwise, your sex video will come out & your evil friend will die now also.

Anthony DiValentin

Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for more apologies. She will come to expect your contrition, like a cat expects its meal at a set time each day. And then your value will lower in her eyes. Instead, if you have done something wrong, you should acknowledge your guilt in a glancing way without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “Mistakes were made” or tell… Read more »

Lori K. Gracey

And when someone won’t apologize when they know they’ve hurt you, let them go. And that goes double if they blame you for the pain they were the cause of.

Tamatha Creel Costilow

Amen…. add this…. not just changed for a few days and then back to the same bad behavior

Mark Magdaleno

I’m changing every day so I’ll soon be the man God had intended for me to be

Kacy Cherese

Yeah, you know who you are… Stop saying sorry for the same crap over and over and not making a serious effort to change ?

Luvlia Hr

U hv to put more strategic way in asking apologize from someone..Not juz words but in action too..Probably their perception bout u might change..?

Sameena Dangol

Bt people actualy dont change coz dey r born wid it n they r sameless no matter wat u say

Shakira Martin Clarke

Only if it lasts for more than a week at a time tho….