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Jan 22, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Brian David Kidd

Man that sounds like a controlling woman.
Demanding a relationship with a guy that doesn’t want to be in a controlling relationship.
Yet she can’t understand what she is doing and behaving is unhealthy.

Eyrforce Ann

Of course i hate it… hardest feeling..hardest thing to handle..

Eamalliw Sanera

What do you mean? The other person doesn’t know(an ex? Or your Current bf /gf ) . Not specified . Sorry

John Ronayne

Make sure you show her how much you really love her and just don’t tell her…..

Peter Williams

Providing the other person do not care about relationship,

Kinza Ali

Do more,do more.
Don’t ask for anything,
Typical Pakistani men thinking ?

Kayla Kirkland

I think I was in one of these for the last several years…

Dan Babu

Thos the hardest thing to hear. And of course it hurts like crazy

Fiza Zia Ul Hannan

It’s never necceassary to express one’s feelings for someone. Sometimes feelings are meant/deserved to be concealed, keeping in view consequences and grace.

Thulisile Rhulani Myeni

Sounds crazy how can u be in a relationship n your partner nows nil?clearly one of u is delusional ???think about it.being in a relationship means that u talk to each other daily u see each other that’s how the relationship grows..lol the question u posed is really funny

Juan Julio Doxi

Worse… when you say I love you always with endearment, cares for you and have to choose between you and his friends… thats the worse feeling. So walk away

William Winkler

hey home depot it all it called it hey home now all I know hold it nowif there’s somebody out there and there so much other lesson relationship with mebum I’m looking for my wife’s I don’t know now that were so yeah I’m kind of in a relationship right now with thenobody. Jesus m_i son are going to relationships early have an I have some friendships out thereand my son manage voice text to upset me

Jodi Daniels

Yes!!! Channing Tatum still acts as if I don’t exist!