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Jan 23, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Chris Rucker

So true, even with your flaws. To the right person they will appreciate the things others took for granted and did not appreciate.

Eyrforce Ann

Truth….. !… ur perfect even though ur not…. cannot find faults, appreciated.. cant wish for anything else..

Jorge Michael Juliata Padro

you’re more than enough babe, kaya wag mag k mag.isip na kung ano ka lang. i love you babe. :* : * :*

James Davis

I been trying to make you see that. And you’re more than perfect for me. I just hope I can b as perfect for you

Irene Shinin

Algún día espero alguien me dedique > ” pueden haber más bellas que tú, otras con más poder que tú … pero ERES LA REINA” o algo así
Si soy soñadora

Grace Luanne Berdol

Maybe not just good enough, but just perfect. Not perfect as flawless but, for the right person ,you are accepted and cherished for the whole you

Sandrine Exquisite Carr

Sometimes I would want them to see more clearly. They don’t have an idea any at all.

Kim Anglebrandt

That doesn’t mean, however, that you will be good enough for the person you love.

Kim Thomas

So true..worst feeling in the world if you aren’t good enough…?

Michael Trammel

For the wrong person, all efforts will be a waste of time.

Keith Campbell

Then in that case I’m never going to be good enough

Doug Alexander

Which leave me with only one conclusion. There IS no right person for me.

Russell Ledet

I feel like I deserve you but I don’t feel like I will ever be good enough for you.

Marge Stamm

Who knows a daughter like her mother – if people can’t get a long with Sarah, they cannot get a long with anyone. Sarah, don’t settle for less, settle for more.

Katie Rallos Castillo

I can’t agree more. Despite my flaws my other half still considers me as the best woman of his life. And he is just perfect for me too. I can’t ask for more <3

Queen Latifer

If u are truly right thing u will find right thing, an if u are truly right person u will find right one an d good of u bout will bring out d precious of ur relationship that is more than a enough.

Renee West

For the “right person”, you will always be the BEST!! Richard used to call me his Gillette…” The best a man can get!” The right person will make you feel that way, and you will feel that way about him!

Dahlia Mouhamed

Thats true , if he sees the faults in you , and insists to flirt wz other girls , and thinks that s totally okie , then he s the wrong person ..

Stacey Koltonow

Good enough is not setting the bar very high. Good enough is not good enough. To the right person you will be the best!