Jan 23, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jessica Mangrum

It’s possible, but it isn’t too likely to happen. I don’t think most are trying to convince someone to love them, though. People may just be trying to get that someone who they know still loves them to let go of their fears, let go of pride/ego, or figure out what their issues are so they can come back into their lives before it’s too late.

Vicki Thomas Shetter

As an after thought you can learn to love someone with time .Happened to me once ,but then I realized I was just settling ,not the kind of love I wanted.It was more like being use to him being there ,so had to turn that one loose too.There are many kinds of love between a man and a woman,finding the kind you want is like a needle in a haystack,but when you do you will see you don’t have to fight for it or about it ,it will just happen.Looks fade over time ,life happens, bills have to be paid… Read more »

Ojoj Pastrano Ramayan

Truth!because no matter how hard I try to make him fall inlove wd me hes still so inlove wd the other girl.imI know its crazy and im stupid but love knows no stupidity.when you love its unconditionaly regardless of anything evwn if you suffer😢😢

Joie De Vivre

Truth. But that still didn’t stop you from loving them so deeply, did it? You still risk the heartache you know you are in for…

Vinski Selenga

Stop trying and do all the bad things to forget all that it is… Don’t need to love anymore… No more space in the chest no more heart… It is what it is…

Michael Bankhead

Not if “you is you”. And “I is I”. Truth. But humanity is a different form of love and we all must on that level co exist, tolerate, give equal choices to. Honor One Another.

Kinza Ali

Very true. I wanted to make him feel the way I feel for him even though I never loved him, I just wanted to have deep understanding within us, to be an example. I just wanted him not to shout on me infront of others, to respect me, to have time for me, I just wanted him to remember my birthday as I remember yours every time. You never valued me.

Darcie McIntire

Just love yourself and be the kind of person you would want to be with… and it will all work out if it’s meant to be 😃

Russell Ledet

Truth! You can’t make yourself not love someone either. You either do or you don’t.

Jerry Morris

You also can’t change them or fix them either! If they need changing or fixing move on! 🙂

Ashley Katra

Not in the context Hollywood portrays as love at least.

Anwar Jaherz Craig

That person will only be in that kind of situation when he or she loves someone else but if there hearts is free then it’s automatic they will love you back

Daniel Alexander Aspelin

No, but you let yourself love someone if you feel real about it. Unconditionally and just let the other one know, without you expecting.


We can not force someone to love us… all we get do is love that person and hope that one day he will realise our worth…😊☺☺

Clifton Spicer

Truth! You cant make a heart love you. You can try and try with giving your all and loving them, but if they dont feel the same way it will not matter. They have to feel it too. Its a two way street

Anoir Ayadi

Sure u can’t force someone to love u
And if u will try it u will be hurt

Elba Roman

We can’t never make anyone do things they don’t agree with. We wouldn’t like it if someone forces us to do certain things we don’t agree with neither.

Chad Black

All you can do is show interest in the person and be there for that person. Feelings through association will occur then. The longer you are around someone, and spend time with them, the larger of a bond you’ll grow with that person. Love is a crazy thing ☺️

Luvlia Hr

If there is no luv for u..don’t waste ur time to push harder to get heart from them..Stop pushing more.. Ironically..”When there is no feeling..there is no luv”..U’ve gotta realize that..U’ve gotta get out from there & walk away..That is the best solution..No more heart pain..😊

Elisabeth Dale

Very true, either someone loves you or they don’t. You can’t make anyone love you. Sad at times if you really love them but you can not make love happen. No matter how hard you try, I’ve tried but at the end of the day. Nothing is their.

Nelisiwe Adonisi

Its possible but yes u cannot make some1 to love u but its possible, bcz love also depends on wat u do for a person n how u are so dat hard trying can make something out of something.

Angelo Cardoso

Yes, you can. You don’t need to try hard. You’d have to do a number on them. You’d have to know their heart, their desires. You’d have to get inside their head. Then you can trick them into getting close to you and having feelings for you. But in the end, it wouldn’t really be you that they love…but the person you’re pretending to be.

Now that I think about it, there are a lot of people in relationships pretending to be someone who they aren’t. Just to keep the other person loving them or to avoid hurting that person’s feelings.

Rodger Brown

Love is a decision….no one can “make” someone decide….nor is it an obligation to love…or remain ” in love”….love is and always will be a conscious decision for an indiviual

Emily Calbario

Very true, its hard to make someone loves you when you know he’s only a friend to you.

Kendy Kloss

Truth! If they can’t see your worth time to move on. You deserve someone who will love you back.