Jan 23, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Daniela Lepre

When two people can handle arguments and will to listen to each other and compromise, then they can build a strong and long relationship <3 it's important to act like a team, not like opponents

Laura Gruber-Fullford

Very true… the key is how you communicate thru those arguments and always respecting each other…. the best part is the make up part πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Joy Mounixay

Agreed πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œevery relationship is up and down been with my hubby since I was 17 now we both are in our 40 .. Still going strong

Cherrylyn Lucas

Yeah, right! Nice one…sweet. Because, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Besides, that’s what you call…a true & unconditional love. =)

Loida Marasigan Chua

no relationship is all sunshine but two people in love can share one umbrella and survived the storm together….

Susan Wardle

But when it’s the same argument for 2 years, everytime…..

Patrycja Aniol

It means that people still learn and Care about each other

Joshua Miles

Uhm, that quote isn’t even in complete harmony with itself…in fact it negates its original premise.

Laura Therriault

Yes but if they are on a daily basis something is wrong

Archeo Harry Pascual Vicente

Dayan Apostol I’m ready for the next battle. Hahahaha

Madelein Martin

maturity doesn’t meant you fight or argue maturity is the ability of treating the situation with love ,understanding and full concern to care for your mate

Bobby Hines

This is so important. It’s important to be patient, settle things, and listen. I promise, it will make things better for you and your partner. Much love everyone

Peter Williams

Arguments and fights in relationships cannot be wished away even the two parties were to two angels, and for the most simple things one can end up having the fiercest fight over what? petty things.

Luvlia Hr

Arguments & fighting will happens in every relationships..It parts of growing in understand each other better..In terms of what they like what they dislike & so on..It might hold their relationships getting stronger day by day..& how to handle things together in maturiy way..😊

Pete J Giacalone

I don’t try to fight with the woman of my life my best friends sometimes we fight and then it goes away I’m too old to hang on to a grudge I love you baby

Czarina Yanzon

Listen each other and fix everything together in calm way,partners dont need to fight and argue because no one wins in it and pride will destroy relationship,understanding and love is the best solution…

Shawn Whitey Sherrill

Yeah but it’s the way you fight that you have to decide if you can live with or live in.

With my last marriage she was very physically and verbally abusive. Full of rage and anger. No matter how calm I stayed or how much I tried to just hold her and calm her down or if I even left her alone.

To argue and to disagree is understandable but the way the two people handle it over all is what makes or breaks a relationship or marriage. In my case it destroyed my marriage of almost 5 years.

Jeffry Seba

Arguments and fights are NOT part of every relationship. When your mate has a problem, you sit down and listen to what he/she has to say. If one person did something wrong, that person must calmly decide how to resolve the issue in such a way that both sides win.

Matt Campbell

Nonsense I have been married for years and we don’t fight or argue. You probably just aren’t compatible personalities. Sad that people perpetuate this lie to justify a bad relationship.

Charlene Beasley

Adults should be able to control their emotions and discuss things in a respectful civil manner. Fights and arguments are when I wants to win not for the benefit of we.

Peter Williams

Usually the big problems in relationships do not bring much of a fight and that is when both parties realized they both wrong on some issues. But is when the wrong is in one party then arguments and fights ensued even breakups might take place.

Shane Carey

Just remember that, while this is a part of any relationship, it should not happen often. Don’t teach people that it’s okay to be in a verbally abusive or incompatible relationship. Yes, couples fight, but that’s not an excuse to stay with someone who spends every night shouting at you or fighting with you.

David Santiago

A relationship without any any arguments, is a relationship with many secrets