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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jennifer Buchanan

Too many people change during a relationship because of one reason or another. It would be easy if everything stayed the same but things happen that cause people to change. It’s being able to work through those changes that make a relationship not break it. It can only break if you can’t work though changes

Alicia J Wenske

I never changed what I did for him through any of the relationship and there was still an end! He ended it.

Heike Sopra Di Muro

Well if one starts to lie you lose all trust and nothing will be like in the beginning.. If he does it on a regular basis everything within you dies.

Chad Michael

Sometimes change is inevitable, the bad part is when adapting to the change is a rough road and there is blame always put on “you’ve changed” or ” things are just different..”

Linda Arroyo

Only genuine men know how to have a relationship . They just hard to find them ?

Cody Smith

False…. sometimes it just ends out of nowhere for no “apparent” reason

Jessica Hummel

But once you lose what you did in the beginning, it’s hard to find it again ?

Shaheryar Shaikh

Always making an effort to let each other know how you feel for them and the things you appreciate

Anji Simon

If it didn’t hurt to do it at the beginning, it won’t kill u to do it throughout your relationship. It’s not much that women want.

Lyz Ogonda

nothing changed but still there was an end…some people were just born heart breakers

Irene Ntoulou

Yes !!! Why must people change…….it’s like they are luring someone in to get them attached to them before becoming someone else later on! ?

Joe Priya

Greatest thing that everyone should follow….. irrespective of their ego, attitude or anything comes as a devil to spoil the relationship. Best of luck to all the couples.

Eevee Redbulla

Unless the woman becomes so spoiled she gradually begins to turn herself into a mega-bitch n take man completely for granted n stuff,, that happens only too often…

Dustin Jacobson

Not always true. Yes your relationship can last..but its literally the other persons decision! Cause you can do everything you did in the beginning but if he or she decide not to love and care for you anymore then your best bet is to let them go and move on until that one person comes to your life and loves you unconditionally forever

Lisa Heidelberg

YES YES YES!!! Don’t do or say something JUST TO IMPRESS!!! And then minths later you show a different attitude about it. Do it bc ITS WHO YOU REALLY ARE! THAT is what will keep me interested!!! But I don’t expect a Perfect Person…just Perfect Honesty!!!

Martin Wraith

You only need one issue that is never forgiven , try as you might it will always come up at some point and no matter what your try it won’t last , even if you did what you did at the beginning

Claudia Carnesi

True so glad my boyfriend an I are so genuine We come from the same family We are blessed I have an old fashion Italian man They broke the mold when he was born We are alike we finish each other’s sentences I never new what is was to have a best friend until he walked into my life He TRULY is my soulmate Hes my sunshine we do everything as a team effort I CHERISH him everyday of my life He’s one in a zillion he’s once in a lifetime LOVE our beautiful life Love our beautiful place Thanks… Read more »

LaDell Baessler

Negative, he choose to lie and keep stuff hidden oh yeah I forgot about that stuff because it just wasnt that important, or oh yeah that was before you and I got th ogether it really didnt involve you zo I didnt tell you, yep that is what started in the relationship and that is what ended the relationship

Nicholas Hennig

Yes weary true but it doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase or stuff like that it’s the things she fell in love with the little things the good things inside you the real you if you have found the right one thy can see right through all your defense and see the good real person you can and are meant to be

Kelly Pegram

The honeymoon phase doesn’t have to be over if you don’t let it. The feelings and emotions should still be there. If not, then something is wrong. Do what you say your going to do. You always have to work at it and fight for it. Both partners have to want the same thing, if you can’t come together as one then it doesn’t work.

Natalie Elizabeth

It’d be awesome if a relationship stayed in the honeymoon phase. Unfortunately, people change, and the older we are, the more drama people have and a lot of times the complications are just too much to endure.

Vishal Shah

One out of two when has decided to give up, none efforts of other will work. If they both equally have willingness to survive then no adjustment or sacrifices are bother.

Mike Reck

That only works if its from both
My ex decide that is was good enough after a year that i did all the work in our relationship
I put all the effort in and she put zero

Erica L Morales

Men tend to forget, if you stop watering the flower it dies Vice versa