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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Rahma Ali

And so I loved you with all my heart, you said you did too, but you were a compulsive liar and you finally walked away.. Now all I am left with is a heart completely shattered and wounded, but not dead (because a dead heart doesn’t hurt that bad).
P.S. Dead hearts are better than Aching hearts!

Brett Burgess

Dead heart = dead people…..probly have personalities like a brick wall.

Lisa Seguin

What is : The least/most romantic thing you could say to someone, or hear from someone at the same time… lol

Tawanda Price

Love That Feeling when You think No One could Do It Again!!

Leo Rey Frias Paglumotan

I want to tag her, but I don’t know where should I place myself.

Richard Stefanits

Hearts cannot die completely… There is always someone who awakens your feelings.

Jonny Barr

If you had a dead heart you would be dead this ain’t sleeping beauty your happiness shouldn’t rely on others

Kinza Ali

Never yet.
That day will come soon, as soon we get Married, inshAllah.

Amy Hack

This time I am commenting to try to tell you something. That kiss changed everything.

Andrew Bartovich

Oh so a kiss is what get the heart going that’s why mine is dead got it lol

Keshav Mittal

Then u kissed someone else and made it dead again.. so y made it alive for sometime..

Aira Forsander

I’m waiting for this day the man appears in my life and truly loves not only with words even also with actions ☺

Sahil Bansal

One night at 3am , He gathered all his courage to tell her how he felt about her.
But the Caller tune Said

‘ The Person you are trying to reach is speaking to someone else’ ?

Arie Klomp

I used to believe that…but people fall out of love so easily.

Juany Velez

The first time i heard your heart beat tears rolled down my cheek.knowing that some day i would have that special someone in my life love you mom.

Aaryan Mishra

hello frds umeed karta hu aap sab log aache hoge ek bat share krna chata hu aapse plss dhyandena or sochna k m glt hu ya ni aaj k tym only pyar paisa dhek kar hota h or facedekhkar or persnlity dhek kar tofrnd aaj k tym me aap ne dhekha b hoga k boys gadiyo me bikepar ladkiyok aage piche gumte h tb tk k jb tk vo unk jaal me fas na jaye frnds aap ne kbi ye socha h kjo ladkaaapk piche gumta vo aise hi ptani kitniyo k pichegumta hoga k kbi na kbi koi to… Read more »

Jaclyn Wechsler

My heart was never actually dead in the first place, but I literally felt so happy the very first time someone that I truly love deep down in my heart started kissing me. I still love him- always will!

Amanda Comer

Lol, your heart is only dead if you let it die. It’s your heart, not someone else’s.