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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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David Howell

Easy – they mean NOTHING to you now – they don’t deserve your soul or anything else about you.. GO forward, not backward (when it comes to LOVE).

Liyana Helmie

Just left everything behind and move on! He don’t even care so why would I? He wanted to achieve his happiness so do I. We did go through amazing months together but now it’s all over, thanks to everyone who played their part very well. What I know is that I love myself and I don’t want to be hurt everyday for the rest of my life and I believe that the best part is coming soon. We may lost the things we thought as Happiness, but be prepared to receive more than the Happiness you’ve ever imagine.

Queen Latifer

If they left already after seen ur soul then there is know need of coming back as a stranger, cos there coming back means nothing to my soul anymore they should move on with there life an let my soul be at peace.

Maria R. Jauregui

There is only one true person that can see inside your soul and will never become a stranger no matter what… the rest are just lessons

Deb Sulzle

They never really did, you just wanted to believe they did, thats the hard part of trusting and loving so unconditionally. Usually you were in love with who you thought they were.

Jessica Fulford

Time. The further you get away from it, and them, the further from your mind it goes. I was in love with a man for 7 years. Took me about 3 years (5 years after the breakup) from the last time I saw him to be able to even think about it and not feel anything negative. I can appreciate the good times, and understand the bad times now. But that is the only way I have figured out how to do it.

Digvijaysinh 'DV' Mahida

The one who is connected with soul will never become stranger. And if it is than that connection was for selfishness. And its better to stay away from them.

Pooja Tawate

I’d say u don’t have to be strangers. Be content. They’ve seen your soul. Nothing wrong. You were your fullest in that particular relationship. Awesome. Doesn’t mean everything was right or should go in the same way.. Sometimes one can’t drive how should a relationship or the person go! That’s it. Things not in your control. But u can at least control ur part or life in it. That’s what u did.. So u may think of them as friends (in mind) with no love; just the respect (for the good times u spent or the good parts in their… Read more »

Tiffany Patrese Brisco

You do it one day at a time. Every day won’t be great but you’ll get through it. I’m going through this right now. One of the hardest situations I’ve been through and my heart bleeds everyday that I’m not with him. But one day it will stop and I won’t feel this way anymore.

Amber Taylor

Easy. People are constantly changing. The person they think you are isn’t who you’ll be and they will soon not know you at all.

Reyna Pensado

Mmm, that’s exactly the point. Maybe we feel like it was that way, but never happen, so never get to see Our beautiful Soul. That’s why now we are strangers again. And get back to love Ourselves or God, you called, right?! Then enjoy life again, feels like never before. Love who you are. Peace & love ❤️

Pamela Mora

This is hard as fuck, pretending as you don’t care or like he never was there…I miss him everyday and I wanna call him and tell him how much I love him. But he don’t wanna talk to me anymore. I made a mistake, it wasn’t the big deal, but was everything to him to broke with me. 🙁

Deitä Krieg

This is me you’re talking to? That’s how you respond.. a soul that never left

If you truly love a person you don’t give up. Love knows what it want and you don’t need to be friends in the end but always remember you will always have them no matter what had happened ..

Sara Smit

I’m wondering that too!! But I guess for some, you don’t have to be strangers!! All my exes are still a friend to me in a way! We can talk and get along if we have to! I guess that’s just the type of person I am!

Saphira Steed

Being strangers? I wouldn’t described our relationship as this… because when you encounter a stranger you would normally say hello, make eye contact, or just smile to each other. But with this… it’s nothing like it. Because after the breakup you start to ignore each other, stop mentioning about him/her to our friends, and not even show any care at all. When actually deep down, you still miss him/her. And that every day you wish you could go back in time to correct your doings/partner’s doings. But what can I do? Except to just move on with my daily life… Read more »

Tabitha Melville

Thtz the hardest and most difficult thing to do. Especially if this person has touched your soul with just his words. Or if he has seen you NAKED, not naked as in no clothes but naked as he has seen your heart and soul, he knows more about you then anyone else. But for some reason you fine that this is the hardest relationship you have ever been in. So you get scared and RUN.

Shawn Roche

There is a difference. When a soul bares itself, and the trust given is betrayed without warning, it’s not a stranger the soul sees, but something worse: a traitor to steadfast devotion that cannot even be trusted with friendship. After that, the betrayed heart has only two options; actively look for the healing you need and begin again, or allow that suffering to eat away at one’s heart. I, for one, have returned from that abyss, and found myself blessed beyond my imagination’s fondest dreams, because that dream is finally a truer reality than before! I abandon the past so… Read more »

Krystal Ann Trower

It’s definitely easy especially when you think about how he mistreated you everything he put you all the lies he told you how he broke your heart even though he told you he wouldn’t and won’t turn out to be like all of the other ex boyfriends. And when you gave him one chance he blew it by telling more lies and breaking your heart all over again! Goodbye ??to him for good! ✌? ok now I’m through with venting things out!

Nia Ramos

You don’t go back… You move on, move forward, keep your head up and keep your heart guarded… The only one that should have your heart is God…You live and learn… Things happen for a reason.

Renee Burris

The saddest part is with strangers we usually acknowledge their presence but when it’s truly someone we “use” to know it’s not that easy….You heart breaks but you hold back your tears but deep down in your heart you know you wish it didn’t end this way-

Brittany Becker

It’s not hard to be strangers if one of them treated you like a piece of garbage to the point where you say to them or yourself in the end “okay, fine. I’m done with you.” You delete them out of your life like they were nothing which is what I did and it felt I Iike nothing but weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Connie Belandres Vandenhaak

Pffft…never mind the soul. Some men are just interested in your body. They have no intention in seeing what you are about. All they know is what serves them. So, considering that, it’s easy…for some! Luckily, not all men are like that. There are still decent men out there. It’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Patience is key.

Cao Ngọc Mai Anh

Block, block all ? I’ve just done that. So sad. He may doesn’t need to know or wants to find me 🙂 but so glad that we live in different places.

Tuelo L Molatlhegi

When you show them your soul then they take it for granted so you back away for a while and wait to see if they still want you around after seeing all of you Then you eventually realize they aren’t ever coming back to you. So then you too have to move on with life even though they cross your mind from time to time

Melissa Bailey

Isn’t that the truth! You make new boundaries and carry on. Lots of people become strangers in our lives…after some time, feelings change, plus they say forgiveness set’s you free…..and, just live in the moment and for the future