Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Carli Ramsey

some can’t move on because they can’t figure out what the lesson is…if they did they would understand why it happened…and that’s what broken people are actually holding onto…the why? the needing to understand ….If u don’t undertand isn’t the lesson then lost?

Aira Forsander

I have learned the lesson and moved on ☺
Even I tell here my expeariences I’m not living in the past even this day where doesn’t belong exes ☺
These words means a lot for me and become from the Gary Moore’s song ☺
“One day the sun will shine on you, turn of your tears to laughter.
One day the dreams may all come true.
One day the sun will sun on you ” ❤

Nancy Torres

Carli sometimes we will never understand the ‘why’ & most times its better left alone. Let go let God! Let go of the Old to Receive The New!

William Hakes

? it took me a minute to realize this but thanks to my great friends and great family and a great support system I came around and now I realize this to be true

Leah Canton

This is how we must see it , it’s a lesson learned and move on, yes pain and scars are there, but stitch them up and let them heal, healing comes from within, find a new road and travel it with more knowledge and wisdom

Chris Martínez Pagán

Something that I’m still struggling to accept. Understanding is half the battle. Emotions are a bitch.

Chaise Deadmond

That’s easier to do when I have someone else who loves you

Jenny Chua

Easily said than done. But mind n strong will can conquer. We must look forward. D world is so big??

Lorrie Zizza Daley

Difficult to do….for many reasons! However, very important to get out of toxic relationships …..?

Eyrforce Ann

Thank u… learn the lessons… forget the bad ones and continue the good ones..??

Angelica Solomon

? accurate! If You want happiness you gotta let go of the past! Plain and simple! But it requires a strong mind/spirit to let go of what you can’t control.

Emileen Thomas

so true! and this is totally not me! but there are quite a few around me that are jus this way…of course they don’t see it or realize from there point. Its jus alil sad.


Its not easy….
Its not easy to wake everyday with the regrets… to wish that it didnt happen and changed it before it happen…
Its not easy to move on with all these regrets…
It hurts…

Roselyn Bisa Belen

If a person keeps on holding to his or past, his/her life is wasted. Many people keeps on holding to it because it atleast keep them accepted in a way. But it is foolishness. Don’t let the past steal your self-worth and self-respect. We all have the chances in the world to do better even the best times in our lives. I just pray that we, people who have been broken would find our way to be free from the past and start all over again.

John Levasseur

I try to live my life by this. Took a long time to get there but I had to actually want it, it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I realized that as much as that baggage made me miserable, I had to actually WANT it gone and make the active choice to not let it dictate the course of my relationships.

So glad to be where I’m at now in that regard, much happier.

Rose Kennedy

That is true leave the past behind and move on and don’t let the next person in you life suffer for what tha last one done, each person is different so don’t carry your scars to the next relationship,they deserve happiness too,so don’t make them pay for the mistakes in your past.

Maricel Oliveros

its easy to understand but hard to do.. i know how things went wrong,how i lost the battle no matter how i tried and i also know where i am now.it hurts but im striving hard to get back on the track not only for myself but for those people i thought i lost them when am strugling my battle.~ Am giving u justice guys for standing w/me..so help me GOD

Danielle O'Keefe

Sometimes things happen that are inexplicable and the real lesson is HOW you React to that experience; That is the true lesson; and other times.. you won’t know the lesson until a later date and more information is available.

Billboy Touray

Come on dont have two mind relax an enjoy the rest of ur life.i will be here for u no matter how hard its is a promise.stay bless baby i luv u my darling ooh i luv u girl u ar th only one in mind always.stay bless

Cristina Ramirez

I rushed into a relationship, I was happy but after almost two years together we started talking about marriage but idk I felt as if something was wrong and I did some snooping on his fb account and found out he was in a relationship with another woman so I confronted him and he told me he has been dating her for almost a month, the girl was sweet and he told her lies about me that me and him were not in a relationship it really sucked because I loved him so much, the funny thing is he didn’t… Read more »

Sharon Ann Law

Thanks for this i needed to read it. Ive moved on and happy within myself. I know who i am and grateful for every day while others are stuck in the past.

Abdulnaxy Mohammed

If u don’t let d pass go away u can’t move forward n ur life will b like A Fish in Aquarium fighting his way out all u need 2 do is 2 forget d pass n start a New Fresh Life.

Reena Devi Persaud

This is wtf I’m talking about but people want happiness and still can’t let go of the pass