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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Kimberly Jensen

I did it, and I can’t be without this person. One way or another. He makes me lose my focus on myself and my life gets out on the back burner. I worry about him and what he is going through and lose focus. But there is something about him that I just cannot explain, something that keeps me around. He just recently told me that he loves me after 6 months. For some reason, I could not say it back. ???but i need him in my life no matter what.

Emma Wright

So true , never settled and rush in to anything till you know you found the right one and certainly not rush in to any relationship right away

William Sande Nilssen

? i took my x girl friend for granted,i will regreet it for the rest of my life,and never forgive my self for that,to the day i die!

Aira Forsander

I’m patient and definetily not settle with somebody just to have somebody with me ☺
When it’s meant to happen it happens even you wouldn’t be ready ☺
I’ll be waiting but not holding my breath in this time ?

Sydney Montgomery

What happens if you do that and you end up finding yourself. Mostly on your own but with help from that person

Don Hendershot

It takes both people in the relationship to care about each other and not just their selfish, self-centered selves!

Une Magnifique Journée


Mike Gibson

I know some people that need to read that everyday. #putonblast courtney mullen. J/s

Hailie Masters

Done this so many times. I’m stay single now.

Nirmalya Sengupta

Absolutely..That’s My Theory of Living My Purely Blessed Single Life..40 Years and Running Nicely & Awaiting For God’s Time in my life :)..

Cat Kareena Tikai

MINGLE MAD LOOSER RADHE BHASKAR CHAUHAN’S BITCHY CLASSMATE IMA VARMA VERMA RADHIKA SHARMA rush every becsuse her family parents support her not in life she’s alone

Eric Betea

SO DAM TRUE !!! although many of us do this & it can be a DISASTER ?

Krishnaraji Krishna

Love is money. No money no love. Its not a matter of you are single Rajini Waren

Terry Burns

I hope you stick to the rules do not mess with nyour feelings

Myra Tan

The only relationship that I can count on these days and never fails me is my abs and barbell squats workout! I’ve gotten to know them lately as hot and heavy! ? ladies, take care of yourself. It’s actually not bad at all being on your own for awhile. Get to know yourself and you’d be amazed how happiness comes from within really…

Tracy Smith Bowers

I did that very thing. I compromised my morals and values because I didn’t think I deserved any better. Now we have a child together and I feel trapped. I would give anything to get out of this dead end relationship. He knows where I stand and likes to use our child to guilt me into staying. All I want is to be happy and have peace. I know I can have that on my own…maybe some day.

Michael Barnes Sr.

This is what my ex did we were together 11 years she turned her back and walked away got involved with a person she went to HighSchool with and married him a year later I always told her she would marry somebody she didn’t love just to be married and not single at 53

Anthony DiValentin

It’s called keeping frame. Always be willing to walk away. Never compromise on anything major, if you want her to respect you. It’s a congruence test, and it is a good thing if she is doing it, and a bad thing to fail. Best way to pass is ignore it and march on.

Aisyah Suria

I also did it. I was falling in love with someone and he already married. I don’t know what to do. He always say he love me. He always come and meet me. But we can’t planning to getting married. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just cry and cry and loose hope.

Anthony Adams

Sometimes, I don’t even be knowing if my last one ended. With all the lies, drama, crushes and flirting going on….you could be in a like, over a “Like”!!! ;0)

Steven Stöckwell

Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can’t help falling in love with her
Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with her

Memories Never Die

“Give yourself love before you ask for it from someone else.
Don’t degrade your self worth by demanding anyone’s attention even if they owe it to you.”

Maricel Depaz

Just need to take time…enjoy life and live it to the fullest.there are some other things that is worth it to do.

Cody David Lindsay

Only invest in them as much as they’re willing to invest into you. Otherwise. Leave. Look for greener pastures.

Aarti Sharma