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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Chelsie Antunez

She wasn’t enough….

She loved him….

He didn’t realize…

He realizes now…

It’s too late…

Mandy Craft

people support Hillary..
that’s really sad…
rather have Trump!
he ain’t bad..
saying he’s racist
is absolutely absurd,
stop being privileged
whiny ass turds!!!

Dana Bunce

She loved him
With her heart
He was sexting
Different disgusting women
She found it
On his phone
He lied again
To her again
And again geez
She was devastated
He made it
Look like she
Was just crazy
Her heart was
Completely shattered…

Alexander Tan Kok Bing

In Rothschild’s world

Money dominates moral

Racism Problem everywhere

Religion distrimination everywhere

Corrupted governments everywhere

War never stop

Capitalism destroying world

Socialism was blamed

Rich become Richer

Poor become Poorer

But nobody realise,

And nobody cares.

True, sad story

Brandy Moreno

2016 the worst
April grandma passed
Grandma was mom
October uncle killed
Husband in prison
For 10 now
Everybody is leaving
Ugh ugh ugh
Son is autistic
He is beautiful
Full of life
He’s my reason
For my smile♡♡

Conan Colston

San Francisco 49ers

Beth Amourloca

People are ignorant
Fearing the unknown
Narrow minds destroy
Moral compass, broken
A country at
Odds with itself.
A true story

Schuyler Noonan Findlay

He broke me.
Blamed my son
Promises were meaningless
Vows were broken
I’m stronger everyday
Miss what was
It’ll never be
Don’t need him
But want him.

Jess Brooklyn

My Mom Died
Five years ago
Depression kills many

But even thu it is a sad story . It opens your eyes, to love your own kids even more , dont rely on relationships. keep your family tight . Never let them feel alone .

Chelsey Hernandez

Abusers don’t change
They won’t stop
Won’t happen again
Happens another time
You hide bruises
You lose family
You lose friends
You lose yourself
Nowhere to turn
Debating ending life
Someone saved me
They don’t realize
Takes one sentence
Wasn’t my fault
He is sick
Head held high
Live my life
Thank my god
Thank my family
Met my husband
Had mt daughter
Life is better
Life is perfect

Valerie Tinkess

Shit my pants.
Stubbed my toe.
Banged my shin.
Alarm went off.
Tire is flat.
Empty gas tank.
Got caught speeding.
Power went out.
Screw broken hearts.
Burnt my dinner.
No more gluten.
My dog died.
Bank account empty.
Card is declined.
Poop on shoe.
Late for work.
Lost my keys.
Matter of perspective!

Pamela Faircloth

He doesn’t care
He’s the same
Only an option
Taken for granted
Loved u more
I’ll achieve greatness
We’re just friends
U ruined this
Lost your bestie
Easier for u

Susie Cannon

Told my parents
That I’m gay
We haven’t spoken
Since that day.
Its not accepted
They don’t understand
Why a girl?
Not a man?
Mom yelled loudly
Made me cry
I drove away
Not saying goodbye.
Dad isn’t happy
I’m in love
Now I pray
To heaven above.
Give me courage
Keep me strong
While they wonder
What went wrong.
Words can’t express
Hurt and pain
Things will never
Be the same.
Someday they’ll realize
The generation today
Is very different
From their day.

Sheryl Osmeña-Borromeo

He loved her
She doesn’t know
His heart yearns
She never learned
How to love
Like he did
She walks away
He stares blindly
She is clueless
He felt hopeless
Until, one day
Their eyes meet
Destiny finally agrees
What is meant
To be is
Meant to be..

Neena Harris

Flint Michigan Water
Dakota Pipeline Tragedy
Children Are Missing
Racism Still Exists
Trump is President

Get over yourselves.

Ernesto Sandoval

President Elect Trump

Hyde Montero

They fell inlove
They got married
She got pregnant
He neglected her
He ignored her
Stopped loving her
Baby was born
Still no love
She begged him
She loved him
She cried daily
She got tired
Divorce came up
She got papers
He didnt sign
She cried more
Begged for change
He didnt change
So she cheated
She told him
He started crying
Baby started crying
She started crying
She got pregnant
Had a miscarriage
She almost died
He didnt care
He hated her
She hated him
No papers signed
Someone gave in
She begged him
To forgive her
He said nothing
But never left
Things still suck
Noone is talking
They all suffer

Plz read my comments for the continuation of the story

Kevan Seaney

She doesn’t swallow

Charles Swearingen

My wife cheated
Getting a divorce
I hate liars
Words are meaningless

Anthony Adams

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat.

Ankita Saxena

No goodnight message
She slept crying
He didn’t realized
Night was long
She felt lonely
He never cared
They’re perfect
They’re in love
But none said

Kjersti Winnes Steiner

People always leave…….

Samantha Hardy

No more tacos

Goury Sundram

He used me
When he needed
I trusted him
I was naive
Thought he cared
Lies more lies
Just to cover
His damn mess
Confronted to talk
He doesn’t seem
Interested nor care
Setting myself free
From this misery

Jeremy Hendrix

She left me
Didn’t want kindness
Didn’t want loyalty
Didn’t want respect
Didn’t want devotion
Didn’t want love
Wanted an asshole
Lusted for him
He hurt her
She forgave him
They’re still together
I’m all alone
I didn’t do
What he did
I loved her
She left me.