Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Nereze Giessenburg

and he never kept one promise he made,not one. can’t believe I wasted my time on a liar, cheater, narcissist that just pretended to care when I loved him so much. wat a fool I was

Desire Carrasco

A women definitely shows her strength and character when she’s able to do this. ❤

Korey Behm

Stupid question would it hurt any less or more if she or he flat out told you the problems they had with the relationship and could not be with you no more?

Marge DeWolfe

Absolutely true…we never ask a question that we don’t already know the answer to!

Luke Farrell

And to be clear women can break promises and that’s OK. Very one-sided relationship rules.

XiaXia Bai

Bloody truth. However its sexist to assume he is the one not keeping the promise?

Cheryl Tacker

Yep I finally moved out of randys and for some reason I wished I. Dident

Keith Campbell

Ye and a gd lie person… I make mistake and tell her everything then she walks away into some1 arms who’s waiting and she really wants

Viviana Boleje

SOO TRUE!!!! …. promises are words… more important are actions!

Caity Grace Kelly

Everything that is coming up on this page is relating to my relationship and it very upsetting 💔

Ben Berry

Your happiness means the world to me Sherri Tucker-Molina..)

Je'dore Skies

This is true indeed….having love for someone is not enough if you’re not happy🤗

Stacy Spain

This is so true.. I’d rather be single and alone than to be with someone who doesn’t want to be there.

Sanne Christensen

Something to think bout honey…..I have a defence…which says not all your words here means they defo happen……some teasing mixed with something else beyond my comprehension…lolx

Sheila Hawkins Ingersol

Recently did this and it was one of the hardest things I’ve done, walking away from someone I truly love. Still breaks my heart even though it’s the best thing for me.

Michele Stewart

It’s not always about finding one’s happiness. Sometimes the person who brings you the most joy. Also brings you the most despair. At some point you have to know when the despair is not going to change.

Jesse Carberry

Hi everybody, as a guy who’s had to do this… please understand that there are times when a man must walk away for similar reasons. & yes it’s 1 of the hardest things I ever had to do, & I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Angela Zelt

It’s not easy and when you get to that point and realize it’s best to walk away it doesn’t mean you don’t love them just that your happiness is more important.. Trying to figure that out for myself now.

Ekeno Petro

i gave her all the happiness n evrythng she needed in this… Whn i went schooling for one year she promised to stay by my side no matter what! but unfortenately when i came back from college she was already pregnant with another man’s child… It was so painful but i painfully let her go! later Diana camila came into my life n bring back my happiness.

Eric Gåribåy

This is very real. It happend to me. But the upside of it all is tha I have started to find help with what my demons are. It might take me some time to fill my soul with love again. But atleast I know that she still believe that everything will be all right.

Brandon Albiar

Whatever alot of good men out there who love and treat there woman good they blame u for everything hut yet they not noticing they lying to themselves and to others relationships should be mutual in every way!!

Rose Kennedy

Amen and that is a sure thingdon’t waste my time with lies selfishness and decietfulness action speak louder than words,so guys and girls get a grip before it is to late

Aftab Afridi

I wish it was me to have to go away… I won’t even think about doing such horrible thing….but she did it… Hope she is happy…hope karma won’t strike on her face… 🙁

Syed Shahzad Haider

“Its easy to find someone who can fuck you like no other, but its hard finding that someone who truly loves you like no other”.

Adina Oana

Why is happiness more important than love, when these two feelings are interdependent? This post is very wrong.