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Jan 24, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Thressa Dumas

Idk there are times I’m truly busy and intend or thought I replied to a text and didn’t. This might mean over an extended period of time but I’m a single Mom of 3 very active kids and I work and go to school full time so some days I’m just that busy.

Seema Sagittarius Simmy

No people r busy sometimes its ok but no one is busy every time this quote should be mentioned like this……

Nicholas Vasseur

Yeah – it’s not rocket science but I’ve been guilty of defending the one’s that have ignored me, I think we all have at one point. “I wish i knew then what i know now” type of thing. Remember, relationships should be/feel effortless~

Kerry Coleman

Whoever came up with this apparantley is not in school full-time, working full-time, and a single full-time mother, which I am all three. Just because we don’t get back with someone, friends or family, doesn’t mean that we don’t want to chat or hang out. It just means our schooling and family takes top priority.

Jerry Smith

Thank you so much for spending the day with Eli. He had a great time. You are one of the people who helped me raise him. You were always there for both of us. God bless you. We both love you very much and may God bless you. Eli and Pap. ROLL TIDE ?????❤️???

Andi Wyrwa

And sadly, there are people who really don’t have time; or they have an anxiety about reaching out. Keep reaching out, not to enable someone who is hurtful, but to the ones who you think are worth it.

Äli Sahil

that’s something true, when people want they do, same with me, in the beginning that person wasn’t busy, always used to text me late, but now I think that person is used to, so no more such things like that, ?

Prachi Joshi

Absolutely correct…no one is that busy ..that they can’t spend time with their love ones they might want attention or showing off to be busy ….their r plenty of ways to spend time with love one….?

Max Pickard

Fuck that. Some of us actually do shit and are busy. All I read was, ‘Be an annoying shit to compensate for your inability to take care of yourself.’

Ann Nuera Bayla

Definitely….they will get time to know what you been tru all day.not just reply because you texted them

Tarshish Robinson

If you are extremely busy at work or in your daily lives but you let them know you will respond to them as soon as you get a free moment do that make them a bad person. I love you and will make time for you.

Billie Windsor

This is not so. This iPad does not always go according to plan, my plan! I see something one moment and it gone the next, I type something, it suddenly goes away, goodness knows where, so please make allowances, I want to keep in touch but it isn’t that easy, for me anyway. So please don’t give me away.

Ybag Guti

Jmmm I think this is extremist, is black or white! Things shouldn’t be like this… we need to see the gray colors in everything. Yes there’re people that really don’t have the time to make time even for themselves. I believe in sometimes walking on someone’s else shoes. We don’t need to live the life of others to understand what they’re going through. And sometimes the ones who walk away are the ones asking for attention without understanding.

Amber Turner

I agree with this
Even if it is a delayed response cuz they are in the middle of something…it takes only a few seconds to send a txt even if it’s
“Busy now…I’ll txt you later”
It’s sad how selfish ppl can be these days how thoughtless

Kim Schmidt

how sadly true…some dont know or see someone good and amazing right in front of them. When someone still talks to you, cares and loves you after all you put them through…yea one would think that person would mean a hell of a lot to you. But nope…would rather lie and cheat and not be truly honest with yourself. Sad life to live.

Eric Sanchez

That sad part is we notice this way too late. We’re already too old and damaged to even want to try and find someone to be happy with.

Courtney Milligan

This is what I dont get; sure I may be busy doing other things than you are, but if I can take the few seconds to text you, then you should be just as capable…and if you have time to be on Facebook when you say you’re busy, then yes you do have time to text back :T

Deanna Cline

This isn’t always true. As a extremely busy mom of 4. I rarely have time to myself. A lot of times I want to see or talk to people, but it’s 11 at night once it’s quiet and another day has passed by. My true friends understand that.

Daneel Burbey

This is bull! I am a genuinely busy person and rarely have time for MYSELF which should be priority. I always am doing for others, & sometimes just don’t have enough of me to spread to everyone that needs me at the same time. So therfore I do not agree with this at all.

Carlos Hill

So true if I go out of my way and put the effort into calling you texting you and seeing how everything is going pretty much giving you an idea how serious I am about you and how I feel about you then I feel that the other person should do the same as it’s only fair.

Annalyn Hale

This is the lesson, the moral of the story, “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

I struggle with it sometimes, trying to push a relationship into existence when the other one is apathetic.

Michael G. Bender

Come now, leave a little wiggle room for those who are truly busy.
If I’m on a ladder working on something, I’m not going to answer that phone right away. Then when I come down to get some tools or pieces I need, I may be distracted and forget to check the phone till close to bedtime. Some of us have terrible short term memories and I have apologized for it. I have asked God to fix that but I guess my head has more bone than brain.

Adam Peterson

Don’t believe it for a second. This is a horrible way to look at the world. I have been literally too busy for days to answer a text or a call. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my friends and family. It means I’m just too damn busy and if you are truly my friend, you will understand and not get pissy. There are more important things in this world than you and if you can’t be patient and understanding then you are not worth my time when I have time.

Kristie Raley

Sometimes it’s a rough season of life for the non responsive person…or they could have physical or mental illnesses that affect their availability. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt or at least to not be offended if people don’t call or hang out with me. That being said, if I try and try to no avail I generally accept that this is not the time for this particular friendship and I move on.

William Hakes

Learnt this the hard way..selfishness and lies ruined me but I am a fighter..I have so much great in my life…karma karma karma ?