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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Shaheryar Shaikh

Dates are still necessary in marriage, in my opinion. It helps to relieve stress, get away for a bit, spend time with the one you love and keeps the spark

Lee Mcdonald

Everyone of these fucking things have something to do with the man doing all the work. There are 2 in a relationship! Sweet mother of fuck!

Itaimur Miharbi

Hopefully he will still bring me out for dates and he better hahaha.. <3

John Hamilton

There is nothing that applies before marriage that applies extra or less after marriage.

Tasha Spitzer

Yes, but It’s not just the man’s responsibility to plan said dates.

Hislady Finn

Dates ??? HAAAA im a stay home mom.. We r LUCKY IF WE GET TO GO OUT ALONE…we have no family near by and no friends to watch kids soooo yea DATES R OUT !

Richard Stefanits

Date your girlfriend regularly after your marriage, lol. 🙂

Brittany Kay

I love this one. My parents are still dating after almost 40 years of marriage. It’s beautiful

Er Řąvìşh Ďőbrïyåł

#Note: Mera iss post ko dalne ka irada kisi ke feelings Ko hurt karna nhi hai…. Iss post ko padhne k bad kuch Log mujhe galiya denge Aur mujhe Unn Char logo Ke baato Ka Ghanta fark nahi padta.. . Koi bhi personaly na lena bass Jo mujhe lagta hai mai likh rha hu.. . Aaj kal trend Chala huwa hai bf/gf bnane ka, Jiske bf/gf nahi hai Usko Sab Duniya Ka sabse bada gaya gujra insaan samjhte hai…(partically) Aisa Kyu?? Kya bf/gf banana jaruri hai?? . “Girls” Ek baat batao koi bhi thodi chikni-chupdi batein karega toh kya woh… Read more »

Bill Louca

If you don’t , trust me someone else will , I feel like a school kid on my first date when I hold her hand , we have been together 30 years

Terrie Liwok-Crouthamel

This is one thing I see not happening enough.. Everybody gets into a relationship and before you know it’s the old married couple syndrome.. Don’t ever let it get to that stage then you will never have to worry about losing your partner.. Keep it fresh. And no that doesn’t mean lots of money and lots of time the littlest things mean more than any dollar in a moment of your time means more than the world ❤️

Patrick Rooney

Definitely having a Date night is very important just cause your married doesn’t mean the dating has stopped,if anything it’s more important to her that you date. Spice it up always like you would meeting someone on a different date each time. The best thing about dating your wife is you can kiss on the first date ????

Sue Dwinchick

Lol….good luck trying tell that to my first then husband it was very important him hang out with his buddies go drinking rather than a night with me. He lost this wonderful woman six years ago from the divorce, his loss and hopefully I’ll be someone gain

Terri Evans

This could be the reason many marriages fall apart..they forgot about all those little things that they did in the beginning…i totally believe that should never stop trying for the person you are with!

Jeremy Sturge

Frig.. take each other out! I always wanted my ex to plan something and it usually always ended up being me. It sucked that I was always the one having to make her feel special and come up with something! All this relationship crap posted like this.. whatever happened to being a team? Loving each other!!!!

Julia Brown

That just makes too much sense. You’re supposed to date, fall in love, and get marred then forget she exists until you need more clean underwear. Now that’s a real marriage. ?

Luvlia Hr

That statement really caught my eyes..& that’s the truth..heyy guyz..keep still dating with ur wife even after married..lets the feeling of luv still growing blossomly yrs after yrs..??

Zareen Fathima

exctly bcz if ur married it dsnt mean she dsnt love u any mre so plss do make hr feel imprtnt evn aftr u gt her in ur life