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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Marie Dickerson-Tabb

I’m tired of being the one that always love more!!!

Katie Randlett-Evans

If this is the case you’re with the wrong person. Everyone can fall short from time to time and have bad days. But love has no limit. You should be with someone who each of your love is endless. And you both strive to be a better person and partner.

Mari Mari

Agree..i do whatever is neccesary to keep spark of love growing. But it is not healthy if only one side do it..it should be both ways

Ryan Michele Hale

I used to think that until I met my husband. If you are with someone & you feel like you love them more find someone who loves you the way you deserve. If you are the person that loves the other kess then step it up before you lose them. Love should be equal or you aren’t with the right person. Don’t settle!

Liz Catacutan Obligado

I think it should be both of you love each other more to have balance in the relationship. If the other person just love n the other loves more. There are times that, the one who loves more will get disappointed in the relationship. You don’t receive equal #love #attention and #time. You always received less and that’s the problem now.


Rosni Mumin

I always love more..and in return being dump or cheated. Hopefully someday there will be someone out there will show his love more than i could show..

Maria Gurliaccio

If you ever feel like you love someone more than they love you, it’s your instincts warning you- believe it. The person you are with should make it obvious and never let you doubt it. Actions speak louder than words. Listen to your instincts and don’t ignore them

Hilary Moffett

Absolutely true, then there’s the litany of lies that follows……
I’m so over being the loving / caring type that I’ll hide away that away for the one that truly appreciates what I have to share

Marly Harvey

Nope. They love each other differently. No one loves in the same way. We are all unique. Also, it’s each persons responsibility to let the other know what makes them feel loved. We all need different things. We aren’t mind readers (especially men)

Mark Kindsvatter

This is always the case in a healthy relationship…thing is, it isn’t always the same person, it switches back and forth throughout your lifetime together, if more people understood this, they wouldn’t just leave at the first sign of trouble.

Alyssa Hollister

I def feel like in all my relationships, I’m the one who loves more. Sometimes I wish that just once, they would love me more.

Rita Caraballo

Yes it’s so true! I’m that one in my last relationship! And I knew something was wrong with him cause he changed n was distant with me,and he wouldn’t let me in anymore, so glad I’m not in that relationship anymore, I feel relief, sucks but relief n not ignored anymore…..

Celeste Kovach

I don’t agree it’s just that everyone loves different and no ones love is like anyone else’s. you might not feel loved because someone doesn’t love you the way you want to be loved but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you

Alma Lorena Gonzalez

I don’t agree with this. There is no way to measure this. And even if there was a way, why would you want to measure who loves who more. We all demonstrate love in different ways. As long as you are loved and show love, who cares about quantifying. And if you are being abused in a relationship, show yourself love by setting boundaries and walking away.

Clifford Maxwell

I love my girlfriend more!! I’ve put up with her abuse and drinking. I did everything I could for her. I paid all the bills to keep a roof over our head, was a father to her son cause he didn’t have one,gave her my vehicle to run erans,and gave as much love as I possible could. I couldn’t handle the abuse and when she almost overdosed I had to make sure she lived then I had to end the relationship. I feel bad because I know she is hurting but I had no choice cause things weren’t gunna change.

Christi Laurenti

Always, but love cannot truly be measured. We all come with scars, baggage, and insecurities. We love as we can and over time it grows and intensifies. One always loves the other more, but it’s passed back and forth. Men love in different ways than women. It’s rare than a man is romantic, sadly, but it doesn’t always mean they don’t love.

Tamara Talicska

I don’t know if I’d agree that one person loves the other person more. But I would say that most of us love differently than others because of how we’re raised! So to one person they may feel they are loved more or love more but in reality, the way we love can be completely different from our object of affection!

Alisha Alexander

Not always, my last relationship we loved each other deeply but sadly even love doesn’t keep two people together sometimes.

Jessica Bentz

I’m always the one who loves more. Sadly it’s been proven time and time again. Always dealing with cheaters and liars. It’s ok tho. One day it’ll be my turn to say “he loves me more” and I’ll be perfectly ok with that ?

Christine Evans

When I love someone I commit to them…I don’t try to make them feel insecure..I think real love is seeing through the good times and bad and never giving up on the person you made a commitment to…

Mari Lopez

WRONG. Love has no limit, has no finish line. Either you the love person or you don’t. Don’t confuse love with common Courtesy.
Common courtesy=Nobody wants to be the cause of someone pain, therefore they stick around for convenience or cuz they just don’t know how to get out of it. In the end, you either love the person or you don’t. There’s no in-between and there’s no such thing as MORE love. Love is happiness. If you ain’t happy, there’s no love.

Chris Freeman

Remember love is not just a feeling, love is action , the way you show love is through action, but everyone receives love differently

Pilar Ortega Delgado

Everyone loves in a different way. Just cause we aren’t loved the way we want to be loved doesn’t mean the other one doesn’t love us or love us less. But if you feel you’re loving more, love less or let go and see what happens.

Christina Horton

I give so GD much,give too much freedom, trust too much, love wholeheartedly, then it’s expected of me & taken for granted, I lift them up to cloud 9…then they stomp on me from their high altitude…then I sit back & wonder why I’m the one who always loves more? ? then I realized…because I didn’t give them a chance to love me, I only showed them how much MY LOVE could benefit them…That’s not love, that’s “I don’t wanna lose what I got at home” but not love #TheMonsterICreated

Wiley-McWilliams Theresachu

Yes… in a good healthy relationship it will, from time to time for many reasons… but, gotta have those days/moments when you’re in tune with each other… that’s the spark that ignited the relationship in the first place…