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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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George Andrew Moncada

I never been in a relationship because I know many women been hurt and I feel if I am the sweet, caring and loving guy it might scare her because she isn’t used to having a caring guy or loving. I hope a woman one day loves me for me and not what I have.

Val Vachon

..however why are you thinking about how sexy he is if he’s showing love to his woman…..side eye??

Carol Norman

This is for sure if you truly love someone then don’t be afraid to show it

Lori Ravenscraft

Right…it doesn’t make you a weak man to show who you care for.

Timothy Clark

You know I been trying to show this woman I am in love with her we have been off an on over 2 almost 3 year I never cheat on her nor did I ever hit her I treated her good

Laura Mathews Henry

Nothing better than a man that can be playful, fun and a bit sarcastic- and not take himself too seriously!!

Steve Hasiotis

Yea.. But the problem is, women don’t care and it doesn’t get you anywhere when you do that.. Hasn’t for me anyways. Maybe I’m just picking the wrong ones, Idk

Anthony DiValentin

Never be the first one to say, “I love you”. Make her say it 3 times for every two times you say it. Control the frame of the relationship, or lose her to someone who will. Guaranteed.

Scott Singer

Timothy Clark here yeah she is now back with the last ex 2 now to and still wants me so i decided to block her and im not the fool her next time around!!!?

Michael Buko

It is not a question of being afraid but, will she actually stick to you with time after time. It comes down to risk, not fear. How much of a chance you have at landing the whole three rings at its time, that is due.

Peter Nygren

There are several BIG reasons to fear showing it:

Female cousins

Basically, anyone who starts planning your wedding for you the INSTANT they learn you are even talking to somebody …

Andrew Ryan Bourque

Lol straight people don’t struggle with this nearly as much as the lgbt community. Here’s a flash for ya, these relationship rules apply to every kind of relationship basically; no matter the gender.

Charlie Tunes

If u have a good woman she deserves nothing but the best ..but if you have a full of excuses and Disrespects you as a man …stay away from that H#- and go find yourself a good woman cuz they are out there don’t waste your time or your piece of mind

Ann Evangelista

To a partner/spouse that loves me deeply and is not afraid to show it. #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #marriedlifegoals #now #roadtoforever #goodthingshavebegun #miracleshavebegun #toGodbetheGlory #faithisstrong

Todd Smith

Been in 3 relationships, been the caring, loving one. The last 2 ended because they wanted something else ? Someone to treat them less than they deserved. It would be nice for a woman to open her eyes and see the good, the bad and the ugly out there.

Enkryptogh Null

and you are quoting this from the human constitution of Love?