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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Blessing Wendy

Cheating is not only when you sleep with Someone else…. Those calls, texts, pictures and every other little thing you decide to hide from your partner makes you unfaithful…. #teamfaithfulladies??#

Preciosa Aguirre

For real tho. Ive been the best to the most if my ability and still im clingying on like a piece of sticky puddy with a tad bit of glue! Hah cray-z stay single or FAITHFUL!

Erwin van Staverden

Faithful (and it’s not even a choice but the will and desire to make my woman happy with my respect and love for her to not hurt her).

Tahir Mahmood

“Friend or foe.”
Bush barks at Musharaf in mid
“Nothing is permanent but

Nature is never in black or white,
The life remains in gray.

Riaz DnÄn

What about that grey area, when she says, “why do we need label…why can’t be just with each other?” And then when you catch her she says we are not together.

Jerry Giametta

Got to find someone it’s not only faithful but also patient kind loving and forgiving. Because someday they’ll need those qualities shown to them

Kisay Nacionales

To choose the former would be very nice and one that I am capable of doing. For the meantime and in the season I am in, it is the latter.

Sunayan Thakur

People are not so sure about each and neither to be anyone if this lol bad question half the crowd is dumb remaining half finds way to enjoy life ?

John J Donatelli

I’m 100% Totally faithful, but sadly keep becoming 100% Totally Single!!! WTF!!!

Joshua Wulf

If it were up to me I’d choose faithful!Unfortunately single has been made for me.

Aira Sharzen Castillo

I was loyal then he left me and I stayed single, so I’m both ?

Joel A Laus

i kept trying to be more faithful.but it seems to me that i should rather live as a single person.it ain’t that bad after all.

Billy Hall

Staying single is the best idea after she cheated on me while dating me for 7 years. Then she decides to break up with me without telling me the truth as to what she did and why. Love doesn’t exist for me, so why should I stay faithful only to be left with the pain for a 5th time? Life has pretty much made it clear that love doesn’t exist for me.

Prince Bishnoi

Please don’t brush your teeth everyday. Bacteria have their little kids too! Do you ever think of them? No! You only think about yourself!

Chris Romine

All she would do is talk to other guys. Have inappropriate conversations. Snapchat was the worst. She said I didn’t need to be concerned who she was talking to and what about. When I actually did and caught her. #betteroffalone

Tom Cheng

After her leaving, stay single seems to be a good choice,
But still, my heart is still staying faithful for someone who will stay with me for the rest of my life…

Yeah, dat sucker doesn’t worth my patience and royalty anymore

Geri Hartley

I’m 100% Faithful
My Husband and I have been married 36 years. He is my Best friend! Marriage is like a job, you both have to work at it. Ya we have had some rough spots, but we worked them out together. We have always said we were going to grow old and grey together. I Love you Chuck more than anything
And I know you Love me. You treat me like a queen

Goury Sundram

I wish to stay single..but my heart still longing to meet someone that could be there for rest of my life for me to stay faithful..

Helana Marie

Omg this! Yes! But it isn’t just the physical act itself. It’s the texts, calls, pictures and messenger. If you have to hide it from your partner then guess what?…..you’re being unfaithful.

Richard Stefanits

Today people chase different values, relationships are different compared to what it was a couple of generations before. You not choose being alone you choose freedom and a life without all the issues with a modern ‘relationship’.

Robert Bell

Being single is a great feeling. Sleeping alone in my bed and waking up alone is an unimaginable feeling. I mean I don’t need two but I’m sholl not saying no. Lol. Some people trying to cover up her mistake because at first they were saying us dudes are the cheaters and you very seldom see women who cheat, lie and deceive just for a convo. Now you making excuses about finding someone whos going to stay with you for the rest of your life. Come on now, you met that guy a hundred times already! Just say you like… Read more »

Randuski Dowell

Or enter a multi faceted relationship with multiple people and either tell all of them about the others, or not. Do whatever you want. Your personal life is no one else’s business hahaha

Brian David Kidd

Like a lot of men are doing in this day and age.
Staying single due to the fact that staying faithful to unfaithful women is no longer an option.
Staying single as a man due to so many unfaithful women is the best option.

So many women want to be married and have a faithful man.
Yet so many have no idea what it means to be married and be faithful.

It is usually about the man taking care of every desire she has.
While she leaves him out in the cold.

Sheila Mcrae

If somebody cheat on you.I think it would be good to leave.because they probably only with you.to benefit theirself.and once they find what their looking for out there.they will dump you.

Jobz Cardiño Gulle

Stay faithful…that He will guide me me to the perfect one..