Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Lucy Martinez

There is never a wrong time for the right person! People just put this in their heads as an excuse. This isn’t a life joke, this is the person playing a joke on themselves.

David Cantu

Jokes on you because this hasn’t happened yet to me ! Nor do I think it will I have Aspergers, which also makes me have social anxiety. Which means I have no friends, which means I’m as introverted as they come.

Michael Viets

That’s the truth… I will say that an “a right person” should be there instead of “the right person”. I believe there can be more than just one right person for you.

Charlee Parker Caldwell

So true! But if they are truly the right person the time will come when everything lines up for the two of you to be together!

Karabo B Jones

There is no such thing. Timing is everything. If you meet someone at the wrong time, it means they aren’t the right person.

Jessica Jackson

There is never a wrong time for the right person, unless in reference to meeting someone that 5yearsago you would have found right. The time is always right for the right person

Natalie Quintero

Nah, that’s just you not knowing how to take the right person and make them a priority…there is no wrong time, just lack of taking risks

Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

Make it the right time. Think about it, what do you really have to lose? Got a full plate? Make it fuller. Get out if your own way. Or are you just saying that? There’s always an excuse available. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong hair, wrong job, no job, wrong decade, wrong century had enough? I call bullshit on this one RR. Agree to disagree.

Kanmani Portko

May be I must meet the right juliets at the right time so that rest of my life for the next 40 or odd years may be spent in supreme bliss..

Kim Schmidt

I don’t believe there is a wrong time. If your meant to be together…then you will. Of course relationships are 50/50…or should be.

Angela Marie

No because if it was the right person, it wouldn’t be the wrong time!

Ania Banania

No such thing. Everyone you meet you meet at the right time. If the timing feels wrong, it wasn’t meant to be or you were to learn something from it.

Carrie Gajowski

I learned the hard way that if it is truly the right person, there is no wrong time. That was a line I was given: had we met 5 years from now, it all would have been good. No- it was never going to be good…

Daniel Mitchell

I have numerous friends that if we had met under different circumstances, we could have been more than friends. But one of us was dating when the other wasn’t, or we were at different life stages, what have you.

Heath Geisler

There’s NEVER a wrong time to meet the right person, EVER… If you care for that person you don’t put em on the back burner. You work through whatever problems you might have together.

Kaiden Flynn

I reacted with a “Hahaha” because it’s true and ironic cause this happened not that long ago and I’m sad, hiding the hurt behind smiles and laughter ^_^

Katya Tomassetti

So much easier to just stay single. That works best. It doesn’t matter how much you sacrifice for some people and do and work to make “their” life easier they all seem to be the same. Staying single is safe, easier, and doesn’t allow any negativity or drama. And I just can’t not be a nice person nor will I ever not be a nice person just too keep someone because I am just that…A nice person. So solo and happy I will be !! :))

Jade Jayasuriya

There are so many complications, but still I learnt to enjoy her company, being with her, smiling with her, sharing with her, sometime if we love or like something we cant always have it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy each other’s company, may be it will work out may be not, but still it’s worth it 😊

Nikki Nicole

Clearly a lot of people on here it hasn’t happened to. It can happen and does. That’s why you can’t stay with someone when you know it’s been time to let go, it will block the right one from coming in. Unless of course you’re a scumbag or skank and don’t mind talking with someone on the side. Then I guess this couldn’t happen now could it?

Jacqueline Ramirez

So true bc this just happened to me. It’s not that we couldn’t love each other it’s that I couldn’t place him in my life where he wanted to be. And the messed up thing now is that I’m ready for it all – i don’t have the distractions of school and a new job I once had or moving to a new city … I’m settled finally in my myself in this new place in my life and now I have no one to spend that time with.

Hala Kakhie

Why don’t they just say it is not
what they want? It is not about the timing , we make the time right it is our choice , cause life gives you big chances and it is ur choice to take it or not and no one is responsible for ur choice but you!
and no one is responsible for ur loss , it is ur loss it is ur choice it is ur life don’t blame God or destiny blame ur self

Karanbir Kaur

There is no right time and wrong person, or wrong time and right person…it’s just a person at a point…it maybe 1 or 2, but what I learnt is they are exactly the perfect 1 who has to be there at exactly the right time for U to learn exactly what U need to learn about ur inner self – provided U want to learn n U r meant to learn!

Jason Foster

Disagree. This is because I’ve gone through a major illness and there was no way to have a relationship with someone and yet I could have potentially met the best person for me.

I understand your lack of perspective maybe not having dealt with major life issues, but sometimes there are times when a great match failed because of circumstances of time.

Marjolijn Van de Velde

There is no such thing as life pulling jokes on you…

It is the pain of another person or yourself that wont choose you or him or her
The pain you feel is
Thats innerchild pain of being rejected
That hurts
A lot
But its giving you a life lesson
To choose for yourself and love yourself no matter what!

And when the right person comes along he or her will choose you

Barbie Martin

No such thing. If it’s not the right time, it’s not the right person.