Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Joe Tumminelli

Yeah. Well then hurt me once shame on you. Hurt me twice shame on me. Hurt me more then I’m just an idiot for choosing pain over pleasure!
How about you just STOP hurting them!

Govin Yumnam

I have been hurted by____ _ _.but still wishing about hurt me for a whole life…not by leaving from my life but by staying in my life….sorry dr i didn’t give u enough love to u thats why u left me..

Kenneth Gilmore

I’m glad to see she finally understands that she wasn’t trying to fix it or understand the depth of my pain amd didn’t change what they were doing wrong. And finally she admits she doesn’t love me.

Rahul Nagpal

Few won’t understand it n in return they keep on hurting more n one fine day they will just move on n start hurting someone else

Chantelle Cwiklinski

This is one of the worst things I’ve ever read. How utterly stupid to make this statement and try to pass it off as something “romantic”.

Rhonda Lee Bonecutter

or it’s a narcissist and he has you so brainwashed that you think it is always your fault, until the day finally comes that your realize it was never your fault…it was just him

Christillah Hyrma J Georges

Life is too short to choose hurt ,abuse ,unhappiness, and foolishness over love.There wasn’t ❤from the beginning at first.
Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Devotion Embrace

That’s profound, and boarder line toxic if not toxic.
Some relationships can heal/mend from the problems they face within the relationship, but only a selected few!

Yoyo Mok

we did, mutually hurting and forgiving. Constantly acting out instead of admitting that love exists between…

Richarda Rae

The person who takes love for granted takes life for granted. Love is limited; it doesn’t come around the same twice. And once gone, it is gone.

Elba Roman

Or they’re scared of independence one or the other. Don’t get me wrong, it could be love while it could be material independecy, and that is absolutely no true love.

Rashad Sims

if your mate has fucked over over more than once or twice there is a difference between being a ride or die then being a fucking moron sorry to sound harsh but how many times does a person has to show you they don’t want u no seriously it amazes me how some females tolerate abuse and cheating but won’t stay with someone over minor shit

Ashutosh Kumar

Yes but the saddest truth is that
It’s hurt a lot when these special(love) hurt you…
But if you truly love her you will never leave her/him alone .it doesn’t matter they’re hurting you or not

Camilla De Lara

Don’t be a fool for someone who doesnt even deserve you. I hope I can just walk away instead of allowing him to hurt me over and over again.

C.J. Avila

Don’t have that mentality if you’re putting up with an abuser… Because then you are victimizing yourself. Ever heard of the ‘cycle of violence’? Google it! Remember this for the rest of your life: what you allow will continue.

Ajey Chandhan

Stop it. They don’t want you, they clearly meant it. If you continue to do, then you are going to disturb that person and they’re gonna hurt you more. Get your self respect on, move on. Wait till you meet someone who values as much as you do.

Cecily Berry

Everything in life is like a phase, to learn patience, respect, space, whatever. Every relationship, life battle …. try to take an outside perspective. You pray for strength and God isn’t just gonna give it to you, HE will give you phases or situations in life for you to gain it yourself. With that said, you can be dating someone for four years and never end up on the same page, and date another person for a week and end up happily ever after. But when the heart wants what the heart wants, then yeah for some there may be… Read more »

Grace G God'schild

rubbish. Stop putting up these messages that are encouraging physical abuse, emotional and psychological bondage. God did not created us for this. Love doesn’t hurt nor does it causes stumbling.

Lori Mason Maisano

Yes…that is true. But there is only so much pain a heart can take. If your partner is not trying to fix it, don’t understand the depth of your pain, don’t change what they are doing wrong, then you have to let them go. If they can’t do these things…it’s you who they don’t love. …I’ve been through this. My boyfriend did not love me. I know this now. I’ve been shown that in many ways. I’ve been told that in many ways. Everyone else is more important.

Monique Coleman

Yeah. They love you, but also stupid for continuing to let someone hurt them. Love yourself more than you love someone else.

Larry Burnette

If someone hurts you more than once and you stay, you just gave them permission to continue treating you that way, so they will. Until there are consequences for their actions, these types will continue to get their pleasure from your pain.

Nicole Marin

To me this is so unhealthy. Why would you ever subject yourself to that? I understand loving someone but if you ever want them to love and respect you, how about you love and respect yourself first? No one who does would ever tolerate such treatment, as no one should. There have to be limits and boundaries.

Amy Hooper

Like i let my x boyfriend come back over 6 times im the past 2.5 years and put my kids and i through the ringer of is it going to work is it not. The minute we open up something big happens in his life or ours and he ran. Like recently a month ago we had a car wreck he was in the car and that monday lome and behold he left again. Never failed. #donewithhimtimetomoveon #godsaidmyworthismore

Karanbir Kaur

In my opinion, every person giving us pleasure/pain, is the medium God chose for us in order to get to know ourselves better. If they choose to stay, the reasons can be many – true love, social pressures, abuse, dependency, children, not accepting their freedom or sometimes even so they can show you how great they were to forgive you..whatever you may think …but still ‘They’ choose it . The fact is that everything is in a constant flow n change, it’s energy, one moment you may vibe with certain people and the very next they may drain you completely..love… Read more »

Kim Schmidt

True…it is love. Too bad some don’t understand what real love is and how a mature adult relationship is all about. Cheating…exs…Flirting. ..isn’t what a relationship is about. It’s being true to each other no matter what.