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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Jeremy Cline

And when a woman has a supportive loyal and faithful man… she leaves him for some jobless loser with no car who still lives with Mom and beats her

Luvlia Hr

Take that a as consideration ladies..give ur full support to ur guy..his success is ur success too..for present & for the future..?

Trisha Brinker

Until its too late when he finally does pull his head out of his ass and realizes it

Megan Powers

Or he is stupid and repeatedly cheats and lies. The truth always comes out.

August Foreman

This post is just a blazing inferno waiting to catch in the comments section . . . I can see it starting already.

Linda Wesp

As is she blessed for having such a kind, gentle caring man!!

Anusha Angadi

Fuck supportive loyal and faithful. No matter how good a woman is, men don’t give a fuck. They’re all busy on facebook liking other gals’s statuses and pinging everyone on the earth except their gal !! ?

Heart Summits

You know what turns me on? Effort. Assurance.Show me you care. That you really want me. Iam tired of doubting whether people are coming or going

Jessica Bishoff

Lol no he takes advantage and goes and cheats on her for being so good to him

Neha Adhalge

Yeah they are blessed so that they can cheat on that loyal gal … And make her feel like hell

Sarah Kurtuldu

But the most don’t recognize it. – we are all the same man and woman, but if they want to be in a relationship, they would do anything to keep the other happy and work together on this RS…

Kimberly Ballesteros

He had me, would had done anything and everything for him. But his addiction for hookup websites was bigger than his love for me. All this time he hid that from me, until he got caught.

Irma Jaramillo

And still managed to lie cheat call her crazy when he gets caught and blame her for it. Oh wait me and not her lol yes it sure did happen

Tuti Julvianti

Not all men can realise it. Or all of them realise it but some of them have the guts to take a risk for some new adventure in their lives. Bitter truth.

Lisa Colter-Guillory

This is true, but he has to know that’s what he has otherwise it goes unnoticed. It’s one thing to be blessed and know you blessed it’s another thing to be blessed and not even know you blessed.

Karla Garcia

yet again it takes losing that woman for him to realize what he had in the first place. He will come to his senses and see he fucked up and it will be too late. Yet again some of them never do… Oooo well their loss 🙂

Sandra Mrozek

Yup, but it still ain’t good enough for some guys, I did all that and more but he still abandoned our 10 year marriage and our daughter for an 14 year older woman who is known as the whore at their job and still married herself. His loss though. We deserve way better than that.

Brian David Kidd

So many western women want to act like they are.
Putting on the mask to pretend for Society.
So no one judges them for who they are.
Selfish & Narcissistic, especially with the way Society is and Social Media today.

Yet so very few women knows what it mean to be a woman that is Supportive, Loyal, Moral, & Faithful.

Mariene Shaira Jusay

And when a woman has a man who never leaves, she is blessed. ?