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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Luvlia Hr

Don’t punish urself if ur previous relationship didn’t work..One day u will meet someone who will treat u like the most important person in their life..That someone will accept ur flaws & will give the luvz that u r most wanted..
Be with that someone & keep them..

Shawn Wahl-robinson

I tried…….and failed ? I can’t allow myself to be silent anymore and he only likes me when I don’t speak my mind. It’s ending now but I still love him very much : (

Mayua Graham

Yes, finding someone is rare, loving him and never let him go and never taking him for granted, telling him you love him and hold him tight, pray for him, God sent me such a wonderful man in my life at a such perfect timing… Couldn’t ask for a better Man…???❤

Bruce Emens

The world is full of crappy people, trying to stick by these conditional lovers is hell. You will only have your heart stomped in the end while they move on to their bigger better deal.

Caithlin Ligtenberg

My boyfriend is the best boyfriend ive had so far. He takes good care of me and I can talk to him about everything. I hope we will stay together long enough and get married or engaged. Id love to be his future wife. <3

Jazzmin A. Ruiz

But what about connection? If one of you can’t seem to connect on a deeper level with the other, then you’re just leading them on at that point… Connection is constantly forgotten about. Once you both have that, THEN those qualities would be great.

Rod Bascon

At a minimum don’t advantage of this person’s efforts just because it’s too easy for you to act difficult. Get your shit together and you better recognize or else someone else will.

Jacks Sam

It’s completely different these days. U dont like them or their flaws, even after staying for years together they dump giving bullshit reasons and depart. It’s very hard these days to find ppl who are loyal, matured and understanding. They throw the person whom they loved for years without thinking anything. They arent ready to speak and fix things. Easy solution is dump and find some1 again.

Sully Johanna Giraldo

Love is looking past flaws. At times it can be difficult but in the end you know that there will never be anyone better than that one person. Society teaches us to give up on the imperfect too quickly.

Angel Cottrell

Some people aren’t strong enough to look past the flaws, and see what a good person you really are. They’re too weak or they don’t really care.

Tim Jones

This is true…everyone has flaws in one way or another from personality to past hurt that have scared and scared them to open up to another..but it doesn’t matter because if you truly care for the person you see past those scars and flaws and love and accept them for the person they are and who you fell for..you work through everything together knowing that this person will not hurt you but be by your side through anything and not quite or run away because if their feelings..a person like that is rare but do exist and as this quote… Read more »

Paul Iaintyou Gordon

That’s bullshit because if that person loved you enough they would work on their flaws just to make the relationship as smooth as possible… that take me as I am nonsense is for the birds… the day you stop working on being the best version of yourself the idea of entertaining someone else better be the furthest thing from your mind… ain’t nobody got time for that…

Mona ET

Lmao if you’re the difficult one, the only way to “keep them” is abduction. People have a right to walk away from your bullshit. And if you think love actually outweighs dealing with your bullshit every blessed day, then you’re one of those emptily entitled people who got a trophy just for showing up. CHANGE, don’t “keep them”. You’re selfish as fuck because you’re more concerned about your comfort after you just admitted to being difficult. You’re a selfish ass.

Rachel Glynn

This is true however eventually that person who has stuck by you no matter what you’ve done or thrown at them will shut down and eventually walk away as there is only so much someone can take !!!

Aakash Vijaya

I’m not looking fr a perfect one. but I’m looking for someone who understands me not only my words but rather most of my silence.. :] #single
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard <3

Donna Johnson

I believe that all people have good in them and flaws but looking past those flaws to the person who try’s not to act on those flaws is the root of all marriages. Flaws can be worked on and changed to good things.