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Jan 25, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Tammy Wilson

No stay away from those ppl because that means they are obsessive and have a tendency to think irrational. Dealing with someone who is clingy af is no fun at all.

Mika Nouakchott

That is not a good investment of time. What if you worked for those 5 hours instead? At $22 an hour… That’s over a hundred bucks just one way. For an hour???!!!

Rose Rose

He would do that now he don’t even have 30 mins for me we got so busy with work and now living so far away in different states isn’t any better things just happen for a reason I guess

Kresteen Rara Ramos

Yes I was in a relationship exactly like that… what’s sad is when I drove up all he did was get drunk and pass out. When he’d drive down he’d bitch about the drive and complain how tired he was.. might as well have stayed up there! Thank GOD im out of that

Lina Ruby

try walk…my bf didn’t have a car and would walk almost 3 hrs from on side of town to the other for me just to have 1-2 hrs to spend before it got to late and had to walk back…very cute, romantic and sweet to me.

Rocky Highfourandahalf Schuster

Well I’ve been very lucky to find that person, my beautiful other half( now ) drove close to 13hrs ( SA to NSW ) to meet me for the first time (and I’m so so happy she did) we couldn’t be happier. Thank you hunni for taking a chance on me. Love you babe.

Laurie Briceño

Yes it’s nice to know that someone can travel a long distance to just meet or see you for the first time . I was in a relationship for 3 yrs with a person who flew 16 hours to come and meet me and see me for the first time… And believe me.. He was far from being the right person for me…. So it’s not always a true fact..it all depends

Rachel Lee

We aren’t together anymore but he used to think that from his house on the way to Walmart he would stop by to see me and considered it as quality time spent together …..same thing when he was leaving Walmart to go back home he would see me before finally going home. He did this all the time because we both have crazy schedules….but i always tried to make time even when it was inconvenient for me. Needless to say when he would do this i would just ignore him and dont even bother stepping outside. I got so fed… Read more »

Kate O'Keefe

That is seriously the most impractical thing I’ve ever heard. Shouldn’t you want to be with someone who will convince you not to do that because it’s a terrible waste of time?

Heather Hudson

Awww Tyler Bright. Finally feeling the pain of that drive. Lol . I did that for 3 months straight almost every weekend plus after surgeries. Haha. I know u are understanding now. ♡

Nadine Annette

My husband used to hitchhike from 2 towns away when we were dating. He did this after he put in a full day of duty in the Army (5 am to 4 pm) just to spend a few hours together. 🙂

Simon Gabriel Jones

in a healthy relationship you should able to be stable when you’re apart. If you only have an hour to hang out and your 5 hours away just wait until you guys are closer or have more time. A five hour drive is worth if it’s an all day thing or maybe a few hours a day for a weekend or something, but an hour what are you going to do in an hour?

Stephanie Lynn

It’s caring and shows how important you are..My one ex lived 30 mins and he complained to drive. So I got tired of his weird ways and dumped him. Then a week later he realized how much of a selfish ass he was and lost a diamond lol!

Pete Garza

Be with someone who will meet you half way.

Heidi Mcnair

I think you mistake someone caring enough to drive the distance..with a stalker whose doing anything or going anywhere to hunt down someone…not the same thing..I’d drive the distance for the right one..because I believe one day there will be no distance between us…❤

Bill Gibson

Crazy!!But I’m that person that would do this for a womengirl if?She will be in my future. Not wanting temporary. Needing someone permanent.

Hau'oli Makaio

i don’t drive though, however took a 3 hour bus just to see her, but an hour was never enough for me; so i always stay at least a night or 2 just to be with her,, #tb #thosewerethedays?