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Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Franz Battiste

Once again, another reference of man doing wrong… Hmmm… I wonder if anyone took at least 12 seconds to think that she should never let him feel lonely or unappreciated, especially when she’s there?? Probably not… That would make the playing field too balanced…

Bobby Khan

But I felt lonely when she was there 🙁 , I was there whenever she needed me

Terry Loftis

If only. Guys just don’t do that…not that I have had.

Stephen Grey

Fuck feelings. Everyone is terrible. No one is equal. Its all an illusion.

Myrtle Fraley

I’m threw feeling lonely if a man wants a woman then he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Kevin Haywood

This applies all ways(trans, gay, bi, straight, pan, A-sexual, multipersonality)

Dani Hart

In every relationship i have felt lonely it sucks that feeling sucks i give my all but still feel lonely

Russell Ledet

Unless she has a knife in her hand and hate in her heart, you might want to let her be lonely until she says otherwise. JS

Rashad Sims

goes both ways but I agree though never make your mate feel alone even when you are right there in the same house or room

Ryan Stolba

Women, you have an obligation to communicate your loneliness.

Kevin Rawlins

The easiest thing to do in the world is to fall in love… the hardest thing is to accept you are alone.

Bilma Morales

Yes because the day she is over felling lonely, she is over you.

Ray Price

Amen!! One of our favorite things is to be alone together. She sits and reads or watches outside, I do the same. We don’t talk but every so often one looks up at the other and smiles or lightly brushes the other’s hand or back of the head. Best Friends!!!!

Dusty Jones

I’ll be there for her seriously this is the reason why most men need to be there because seriously she’s there for you and you’re there for her if she’s lonely cuddle with her make her happy kiss her on the forehead tell her that I love you it said that I’ll never leave you so she doesn’t feel lonely and start crying the last thing I hate is hearing a girl crying 🙁

Aki Primero

I’ve seen many many guys some of whom I call my real friends purposely don’t reply to a girl they met for a few days to dominate their relationship and ironically it gives them another shark in the water. Somehow this can be observed more likely in a small country like Eastern Europe. I have a close female friend of mine who always gets tricked by those dudes. And I wonder tentatively that somebody’s happiness is misery. Is it?

Brian Allen

Cause she’ll be spreading her legs for someone else before you’re even done doing the dishes…that’s coming from the other guy btw…you’re upset??? Tell me more..

Donna Towery

Amen When you are there with them show them that you care by a little kiss and hug or tell them I love you. You can never say that too much. Ask how their day was. Show concern a

Anthony Adams

She’ll either be talking to me, having me watch a show with her or snoring loud as ever…..as long as we handle the fruit and cookie parts!!! Plus, gotta make sure we have some food!!! ;0)

Yenny Heru

true….and, never make her feel unwanted. when you ignore your girl, you are teaching her how to live without you. never let her go if you love her ☺.

Abhijit Bhattacharya

yeah cos if someone falls in love with their loneliness
ur chance is over probably . . . . . 🙂

Andy Autry

Feelings mutual. There is nothing worse than craving attention from your partner while they stare at you/twit/face