Jan 26, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Erinn Horton

I disagree. When most people get to the point of wanting to leave it is because they have asked and explained too many times and no action was taken. Walking away was the only choice that person gave them and there should be no need to explain.

Letticia Mariscal

Mine was an emotional one. Totally narcissistic. These poor people need prayers. They are the ones with poor low self-esteem and insecurity.

Eva Kiernan

I disagree because most people blame the other person and at times it may be true .. what they fail to see is that their behavior may be a reaction to their initial behavior … as I said to someone in the past … it’s like trying to decide which “horse” is in front on a Merry Go Round !!!!

Claire Gale

Ok so what happens if they abandon you and they didn’t do what you said and just walked away without any goodbye and just cut you out of their life?

Tammy McMaster

Nobody is owed anything at the end. Sometimes you don’t get that closer. You have to learn to let go and move on without it.

Clave De Sol

This is exactly how I was left and it is by far the worst feeling. Hurt me with the truth but please don’t hurt me with your pathetic lies.

Snow Yal

What if you don’t get a reply back after giving explanation , what if that person is not even bothered that your leaving. That hurts more 😂✌🏻️

Melanie Martin

That presumes that the one being left is open to a narrative other than their own. There is a reason that someone is left, and they always know the reason they were and still are just unwilling to consider anyone but themselves.

Muhd Zulhilmi Abdul Rahman

Mostly because they cheated on their partner which is why they leave without explaining. That’s because of the guilt that they can’t explain.

Kesi Nuel Aregbor

Very true! It help them to be strong Cos there was reason for the separation I wish people could understand life from this angle..

Veronica Montague

Everyone deserves an explanation of why things didn’t work out

Stephanie Hayden

My ex broke up me wo an explanation to hurt me bc that has happened to me once before he wanted to hurt me like someone from my past but he didn’t bc I didnt give a crap.

Sandra Valencia

That’s for sure … wish people where more upfront .. if i screwed up let me know .. if u screwed up I’ll let you know …but the not knowing is just bad !

Deanna Perrault

Mine gave am explanation. One that blamed me for everything. But found out the truth, he’s a cheating SOB. Knowing that has released me from the sad, broken & confused state I was in.

Tyrelle Dawkins

Its here you realize what your really worth. But like all Things you get over it and move on.

It will eat away….even years……Then comes an attempt at an explanation. At that Point, its too late…and you wont even care enough to listen.

ViVi Hung

I’d just leave without explanation too… Wuz the point to explain if someone already makes u feel meaningless. Explanation only means u still want to give that person a chance. And i wouldnt wanna give it another chance…

Niki Nikita

Truth!!! You should never leave someone without telling them why, even if your lying about something or cheating or simply just can’t do it anymore. Both men & woman need to xoxo

Martha Bauer Allen

I agree..it’s about self respect..doing the right things shows your character. When couples break up this way..it tells a lot about how they were together..without RESPECT!!

Lea Grace

Mine was,is and always will be a coward.ladies beware,i wouldn’t wish him on my worst enemy,he did me a huge favor,if he would have wanted to say why,it would have been a lie anyway.

Leslie Paz Ruiz

True my ex used to do this to me all the time but always came back but this time he left without a trace and now I just found he is dating someone new it hurts he showed me his true colors. He just a coward for leaving me again!!

Barbara Jane

It just respect to tell that person why u breaking up with but saying that my ex did this for 18 left me without a word because of illness and family life he been then done that but he kept comeing back to me but 6 weeks after the last split in was in Asia bringing home some body to marry quite bizarre as he a racist pig

Brittany Stokes

I’ve had a boyfriend who decided he didn’t wanna be with me anymore.. And he didn’t give a real reason as to why… He just said, he doesn’t want to wait anymore… That’s all he said. He’s not great at communicating anyways..

Valerie Chelle

But now that I have finally move on from him, I’m just glad that he never give me any reason when he decides to end our relationship. But I will always cherish our memories. 😃

Heather Heaton

There wasn’t an explanation y I did it though . And Amen