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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Pete Santiago

I’m just at a point where I’m going to work on me and all the great things will come. I spent too much time following and hoping for someone who only thought of themselves..it is what it is and I know that I deserve better and will have better and it doesn’t have to be right now.

Bang Gabatbat

Tama, hindi yung pucha salita ng salita– walang gawa ✋ baka may mangyari? Nganga ka lang sa mga ganyang tao ?? mga magaling sa umpisa– na INTRO pre ?? these kind of people expect you to stay or rather, they expect you to not leave when they’re not even making AN EFFORT TO MAKE YOU STAY. Ano yun? Teleserye? ? FAIRY TALE? Eh kaya ka pala nasasaktan dahil feeling mo yang mga pag-ibig sa mga palabas o wattpad parehas din sa totoong buhay eh?? untog kaya kita sa pader? Babae dapat lagi sinusuyo? Be fair– suyuin niyo ang bawat isa… Read more »

Ellen Shirai

Consistent communication is so important. Especially in a long distant relationship. Mutual understanding ia always a plus

Sophia Hashmi

I have kept the door open for deserving one but unfortunate all r fake dramas

Matt Pangburn

Little too late i guess erin bialecki. Trust by consistency. CONSISTENCY

Henry Rosales

So true, amen. Mr. Hassam Hussain also hit the nail on the head. Well said.

Justin Bedell

This is so true I’m glad I saw this tonight just gave me renewed hope

Heather Monjaras

No fucking kidding. Definitely agree. Don’t put up with the bullshit, someone like this doesn’t know what fairness is.

Mansoor Elahi

I let go my family and i let go my best friend too. I cornered myself from this materialistic world because i am tired of everything

Prajakta Mokal

It’s so hard to get such people these days. I’m getting a dog instead!

Charlie Mai

Ive workd on me for a year stayed on my own and not botherd looking for anything ..untill he walkd into my life became my friend and now my lover ?

Kathryn Momongan

Are there still guys who are consistent basically not just by their words but also by their actions and deeds? They would make efforts at first but once they got the girl , the treatment , sweetness becomes cold . It is so hard to let go of people who mean a lot to you but it is time to give worth for yourselves . You deserve someone better than him . If he’s true to you , you don’t need to chase him .

Luvlia Hr

Listen to ur heart & ur brain must work too..Working it out how to stop those toxic ppl by entering ur life or ur luv life..
Don’t ever ever let them ruin ur life..Fight for it no matter what ’till u get ur satisfaction..?

Abhijit Bhattacharya

Never allow anybody to let u down n never allow anybody to take u for granted.if u feel that u r not getting d respect u deserve just smile n let it go.

Kisay Nacionales

And he has spread his wings again and has learned to fly. I guess my purpose in his life is done. I know he will do very well. God is going to journey with him. I will miss him but i have to love him in such a way that i should be happy to see him fly once more.

Lynne Elsberry Bates Ferrante

I agree with you. Wish everything was as cut and dried as a saying. Unfortunately it’s not. But I hear ya…takin’ to the choir love. Who you worried about being sincere? You or me.

Bryan Eldridge

I’ve learned to recognize that I’m wasting my time and I’m done with that, I’m out of here very soon, I will not let her hurt me anymore. I will be happy someday I hope.

Ryan Joseph Brandon

In this case, my heart is saying the opposite….to not let this person walk out of my life and fight for her and for us….and I plan on following my heart as long as I can

Shaheryar Shaikh

Life’s not always perfect, you just have to stay strong and fight through it!

Kookkik Thanattha

มีดมาๆๆๆ Opal A. ??