Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Donnie Downs

Likewise said… Every girl has a guy friend that did indeed want to be more than a friend, but she will never acknowledge his feeling, but will also continue to string him along…

Leeann Michel

Then maybe she should have either spoke up or shut the fuck up. If you act like something different is going on…. Then what do you expect. You can’t put dibs on all of your male friends… And treat their gf like the plague and still keep them as friends. People see your shitty attitude… And see right through it. And to the guy… If you have a female friend and you’ve had any physical attraction to. Prob should reevaluate that before you string a good woman along

Steve Long

I so agree tell my pathetic Ex that!! That is how we broke up been together two years and one day she told me can my best friend John from high school come over? I said can I meet him she changed the subject she said he won’t come.. I felt something wasn’t right I met all her friends and her parents or her ever mentioned him before.. One night we where watching a movie and this John guy was texting her and I seen hugs I said how come I never met this guy she got really defensive and… Read more »

Leeann Michel

Wow. You’re all talking about friend ships for years…. A friend is not somebody you were thrown into a situation with saw for 16 months then kept the dysfunctional leash on one another through social media…. That’s just an attention whore… Who actually should get a life.

Kimmy Atzrott

But then his wife decides she doesn’t want you to be friends so she forces him to end the friendship and you spend the rest of your life searching for someone as perfect of a friend as he was. 🙁

Noelle Miracle

A shoulder to cry on becomes a D–k to ride on and vice versa. I think of you are in a relationship you have no business going to another male with your problems. That’s what your man is for

Alex C. Escamilla

And every girls male friend has either expressed his feelings of being more than that at one point, or has fantasized about being in bed with her even if it was just once..

Esmeralda Daniella

It’s doesn’t matter a friend is a friend…I had a guyfriend since i was a very little girl…We was best friends and some how my mother got mad! But we are friends forever…He’s gone now but sweet memories lives on…Esme.

Danny NostradaNus Cook

90% of most males (if not gay) have thoughts of getting with that “said friend”, I guarantee it. They wait for a slight opening and will test the water somehow to see if the woman reciprocates. Not always, but like I said, the vast majority. My wife (just in the time we have been together) has had to deal with such “friends” (one was a pastor who was engaged, too)! And the other wanted photos of her panties. And yet, people wonder why men don’t trust other men.

Astrid Evadista

hahaha i do have my best friend and my boyfriend is freaking jealous of him…he was in love with me and i knew it but nothing ever happened between us…he still there for me in every single occasion i need him,we’ve been together for over 15 years

Pete Santiago

What’s funny is they can have a male friend to spend time and text all day with but the minute you have a female friend you are up to no good, total bullshit. That’s why I don’t care, I now talk to whomever and see whomever I want.

Michele Curran

My best friend is a man. He’s family to me. He worked with my father, they were very close. He’s married and me and his wife are also best friends. I’m the godmother to their daughter. People who think it isn’t possible for a man and woman to be friends aren’t secure in their relationship with their partner.

Cameron Miller Arnold

Being raised w 5 brothers , I have found it much easier to be friends w males
…less drama, sure most just want a chance but there are some who are genuine friends..

Jen Talbot

Not every girl. I dont. If youre in a serious relationship, there needs to be boundaries- no hanging out alone, texting and calling all the time, flirting, etc. so many people say “but theyre just a friend!” to their partner and do the above. Its so disrepectful. Getting in a relationship is a game changer with your partner and their security being your priority (I’m not talking about controlling behavior here- talking about being respectful when it comes to friends of the opposite sex). If youre not willing to do what makes your partner comfortable, stay single and have all… Read more »

Christina Moreno

I guess its possible… But in some cases its not because if u look at the situation and really look fronts can be put on and the only ones who know what’s going on behind closed doors are them. People will lie and hide just to have there cake and eat it to…

Luvlia Hr

Girl has a best male friend too..Yaa..we r different gender but it doesn’t mean we can’t be a best friend..It’s a matter of trust & respect each other..That’s we r concerned most right now..What ppl said abt us..they can say whatever they wanna say..it’s beyond our control..
And to the ‘ONE’ thx for being my best friend..U know who ‘U’ r..☺️🌹

Gen Smokes

That’s gross.

If you like her, tell her.
Otherwise…. you’re not her man if you can stay quiet. Watch out cause there are awful terms for guys like that.
Go back to your room and ______.

Just cause you are quiet doesn’t mean you’re the “nice guy”.


Jesse Xiong

I guess its a decision everyone has to make. If your partner is insecure about it. Than make a choice of not hurting your partner or hurting him now than later by leaving. But if hes okay with it. By all means have a good guy friend.

Niki Nikita

2 of my closet friends are men and I would not change it for the world. I make sure to let any guy I have ever dated and my fiance now that I have 2 male best friends. It doesn’t mean you have to have slept with them. I feel if you clarify it from the beginning there should be no issue about it xoxo

Tyrelle Dawkins

Cause hes not just a friend in most cases. And in the cases in which he is, then he got friendzoned and doesnt know it or doesnt acknowledge it. Half the time, he doesnt even know it but stays on a leash purely for the Benefits he provides. Its bitches like that, that get no sympathy from me…

Terrick Silva

I fuck all my female friends so you can believe that if ypu want, even my less attractive ones have been fucked. For women who are saying my best friend was in love with me but we stayed just friends. Thats the kinda shit your boyfriends are talking about

Souphan Pon S. Briscese

I had a guy best friend we were friends ever since we was in kindergarten all the way up to adult hood….he’s no longer here with me😔