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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Joey Reid

lies are the cracks of love, eventually it will bring down the foundation. lying is pathetic and immature and has no place in love

Jordon Smucker

You can’t create a solid foundation if you are basing it off lies!! You can not! Impossible!!

Ritchelita Jacob-Callo Ragojos

A good claimant is also kind of a doubtful feelings,in lies or in truth..

Lourdy Espartero

im real with you ,my only man.hope someday i will care for you.

Stacy Reid

TRUE…doesn’t matter what I do always being shit on?!!!

Sebasti Isreal

JESUS I love you jashank joy I love you I am honest and loyal to you I don’t know about you except that one lie I have said all the truth about me

Michael Salvatore Scott

I hate Lie’s all my life have been honest with my relationship even when it’s very difficult not having sex outside relationship she ended up hurting my feeling and now is very hard going into relationship

Niki Stafford

Wish my ex wouldve been honest from the beginning. Wasted a year n a half on a man who didnt even love me.

Vaaj Sherlock

That’s the point tho, sometimes I prefer it for to fail.

Dusty Jones

If you have to undo a relationship and they lie to you 100% of the time then you know what you have to leave I’m sorry because if they keep lying to you what’s the point of staying with them if they keep lying and it will get worse they will go from lying to cheating so just don’t find someone that the lawyer friend someone that’s the honest truthful lovable supportable person

Tammy Tormanen

I will always keep it 100!!!! The way it should be
I’m rare! ! πŸ˜‰

Marti Nicole Cisneros

I was honest, completely honest. Then he shut me out. Idk, I guess honesty doesn’t work for everyone.

Jenn Terveld

Story of my life ? I’ve always been the only one who’s honest and always the one that’s lied to and taken for granted. Not sure it’ll ever change at this point in my life either. So I’m staying single until I do find someone worth while. Haha…. I’m done waiting for it tho. Just live my life and have fun!!

Chris Williams

No, sneaky shit, ” I don’t think this is going to develop into a relationship, be we can have fun & see what happens”,.what’s that supposed to mean?, secret conversation on facebook Massager, when they were caught out denied it, shout down the conversation & asked you to leave??, what’s that all about??, is this the way Woman are???..someone give me faith!.

Lori Mason Maisano

His intention was to build nothing. He told me thr biggest lie ever told, which was “I love you”…ha…Funny…not! You don’t play with people like that. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Ashim Naskar

Know very well. so, never tried.. πŸ™‚ Yes, may be foolish thing but end of the day you’ll realize, somewhere that person was loyal/faithful to you. πŸ™‚

Tanya De-e Rant

Yes! True. Is so hard to really honor God -wait to meet- next person is final one dating to learn because marriage is my intention. ?

Pablo Nevarez

Women need to be honest and stop thinking that “what he don’t know won’t hurt him” attitude….
That type shit is straight up some evil shit.

Jessica Mangrum

This is so true. I’m honest with my intentions. I will not lie about them. That’s just silly. Anything based on lies is likely to fall.

Peter Rocco

Always honest. But always seem to be the one getting hurt.

Pooneh Tanaeim