Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Patricia Pauls

Yeah well the other side of it is that they have to want you back just as much. Otherwise it’s a dub. Im tired of the one sidedness especially when it comes to effort

Namwebe Ritah

I have to thank God that i have christopher as my husband.Thank u lord.

Adi Dz

True story ,but I think I found the one, finger cross

Michelle Roseann Castañeda

i have u,and im happy now that were planning our marriage,and im glad were back to each other

Melissa M Hewitt

Perfectly said . Women need to realize we don’t need a man. I pay all my bills with out one and I’m happy with that

Shannon Edwards

Been like this for so long, it’s probably why I’m single lol

Amy Pratt Miles

Yup! I won’t settle, only want the best for me and my son! I would rather be single then unhappy in a relationship.❤️

Linda Wesp

I agree, I don’t need a boyfriend to make me happy, but it’s nice to just smile because of something about you, I’m thinking about, or something you’ve done!! <3

Julie Emond

It is a two way street – but your happiness is most important and no one else can provide it to you except yourself.

Kitty Mckenzie

It used to be able to be that way now a days if someone is talking and your not believing it there’s probably a good reason even when you love them

Julie Atherton

Happy alone for now…
Honestly think someone very special would have to pick me out and do all the running. A year Alone can work wonders 😊

Dusty Jones

Okay listen up ladies I know that it says that you don’t need a boyfriend until you actually find a good one but to be honest overall later in life that you were going to be in your twenties to early thirties and you’re going to think man I really need a man in my life you know I know you’re going to feel that way my place to you is find a boyfriend and husband before it’s too late that’s what I’m trying to do I’m trying to find a girl before I can find a wife

Lindsay Marks

I love this. And yet, I’ve still heard that I’ll be single forever because I’m a mom and because I refuse to chase anyone that doesn’t want to stay.

Luvlia Hr

‘SINGLE’..is not a status..But it’s a word that describes u who hv a strong enough to live & enjoy ur life without depending on the others..So enjoy it while u’re being single ’till u’ve met some one who deserves to be deserved..FINALLY..😌🌹

Eden An-maré Inabnit

I’m at the point in my 8 year relationship and over a year of marriage that i do need my husband to be happy. When he’s at work i count the hours till he comes home and i can spend time with my best friend and our son!

Terri Evans

This is just where im at…i have had plenty of guys interested in me…i am just looking for a deeper connection and so far nothing..but i am 100% fine with that

Roy Martinez

I don’t need a girlfriend..or a wife ..
I would like a women that just like the way i am..the way i think .
.the respect i live by ..the good time’s I’m looking for .
.no gold digger’s no fake’s no lier’s
Just a good hearted girl..
.and conversation’s .good food..🙏

Orion Deschamps

I’m a man and feel the same way. I have had so many girls say they love me and leave my life, sometimes even leave the world. I don’t hate women, I just know at this point that my life is about numero uno. I just end up looking foolish when I pretend otherwise.

Conrad Kernested

So what you saying is that i don’t have a chance in H-double hockey sticks!!