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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Sahil Bansal

Sometimes, him being the wrong man isn’t the real problem. The real problem is you d, knowing he’s the wrong man, thinking you can change him.

“Never go into a relationship thinking you can change a man that has already shown you his true intentions are not what you want.
In the end, he won’t change and you’ll end up frustrated, heartbroken, and alone wishing you had done things differently.

Dan Almeida

After 2 failed marriages and another failed relationship and too much wasted time on uninterested women, there is nothing left. I have lost complete interest in dating.

Francisco Escalante

Emotionally exhausting, I feel like I’m at that point right now, wich is saddening

Tina Aver Jones

Dan yeah me to 2 failed relationships and I failed marriage of 23 yrs that’s it I’m done x

Aya Ayot

When u hurt by the person u loved most,ur trust is broken.
u stop believing in people
So for me I will sell everything I have for bring my heart like before
That’s impossible be happy so I think to let leave it’s better than to keep

Andrea Rotondo

Tu puoi dare via il tuo cuore solo una volta, dopo di che tu lo darai via così tanto quanto lo hai lasciato?
Aiutatemi. Non capisco. Grazie

Khaled Alwainani

Already gave it away, and got nothing other than being hurt

Efo Fatou

Somthimes u give u love to the wrong man just dont sho u love out thats the best exsperiens

Diana Corredor

That’s for damn sure you can only give it out once because you never get it back

Ruth Lewis

So untrue. Your heart is like a tree. It grows lots of hearts for everyone and everything you love completely.

Ruby Bains

When u hurt by the person u loved most,ur trust is broken.
u stop believing in people

Daniel Buehl

Disagree, your heart can rebuild and become stronger… if you let it.

Marc Santos

Respectfully disagree. Real love is infinite and can be given ways endlessly without conditions. Having an expectation of return is a misguided lack mindset. Love always comes back 10 fold, if your open to receive it.

Luvlia Hr

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the person that u thought would never hurt u..U gave ur whole hearted away to them..& u thought they will keep ur heart safely right deep down inside their HEART ❤️..But eventually they broke ur heart into pieces..? The level of trust to anyone is dead now..& there’s nothing ur heart left to give away..??

Robert Bell

Never sacrafice your heart for uncertainity, espeacially if you have to question many things in a relationship. Relatipnships come and go but loyalty last forever. A good heart will always remain the same no matter what, live life to the fullest and enjoy this s***

Juanita Medrano

I disagree. But I refuse to be the type of person who allows one mans mistakes be the cause of my never being truly happy. I loved him with all my heart….yes, he shattered it… But no one can keep me from putting it back together but me….I will never stop trying to love 100%. He may have broken my heart but never my spirit…

Peter Rocco

Did my best, and gave it my all. But it wasn’t enough. Was willing to sacrifice, and do whatever it takes even move, but it wasn’t enough.

Chiva Town

I’ve given my heart givin everything tried my hardest it didn’t work?? I’m givin my heart out again doing everything, and trying my hardest….

Its not just what’s left over from my heart that I give, it is the rest of what I have from my heart that I’m givin…

From here its all or nothing, either my heart grows more with the one I truly love or its the end of true love for me…..

Paula Witte

Oh no, you find ways and get that heart back and make it even better for the next one who will actually appreciate it. Not saying it’s easy but it is possible and takes a ton of work.

Tatiana Ibba

I believe you can really love someone with all your heart just once in your life… after that you can still love, but you’ll be broken.. won’t be able to love like this ever again…

Jeff Yancey

I guess there’s no point looking once you get later in life then … How depressing of a concept to know someone before you owns the heart of someone that says they love you.

Ankit Bajpai

I won’t agree with it. Love is infinite source. It’s in abudence in our heart. You can spread it as much as you want. There is no such thing like first love or last. Love them who you are with in the moment you are living.

Rania Hassan Youssef

Until you become heartless and that’s my ultimate afraid point, ’cause I really suck when I turn heartless. ??