Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Rules Of a relationship
1. Stay Faithful
2. Make them feel wanted
3. Respect yo Partner
4. Limit yo time with others And Spend Yo Partner
5. Communicate Regularly.

Michelle Blackmore

You’d think they’d get it right after one failed marraige.

Douglas Ingersoll

That would have worked if my girlfriend didn’t worship her late husband. I was just filler material.

Fe Anderson

In the real world.. Not in this crazy,materialistic world today

カサス サラ

Communication, patients and a willingness to understand and work.

Heather Turner

So many don’t get this and I am tired of explaining it

Wanda White

Damn if this was up on Facebook 3 years ago,

Chelly Davis

To have to make these quotes, proves to me the world is in need of help…

Crystal DeHaven

Did always understand this…in progress! Love my family

Celin Pansoy

Best to be Single now a days.Many can’t afford to do these.I just been cheated on couple of weeks ago with my low class Whore Ex.It was horrible.

Dawn Yujin

..and if you dont love him/her anymore, tell it. dont fool him/her. dont waste his/her precious time. dont play his/her heart.

Ingrid N Jun

Yup So True, Thats why we make it this Far for 18Yrs Married ❤❤❤ Never Separate and Never Divorce

Judy Lopez

6. accept them as they are. Whether they lose or gain weight. Dont try to change the person u fell for.
7. Communicate. Especially at the dinner table.
8. Dont be afraid to show what your partner means to you in public.
9. If you’re not happy. Freakin have the balls and say it. Dont just settle! (:

Matthew Jeffery

There should be a 6th one and after don’t flirt it should be “don’t mistake kindness for flirting” as that causes arguments and can make one feel as though your not trusted.

Kristayne Escarez Constancia

If you stop reading this you’re gonna die, my name is Teresa fidalgo if you don’t post this on 20 photos I will sleep with you forever, this girl ignored and 29 days later her mom died. I am real you can search the up on google… Sorry

Ann Evangelista

To have a man that always stays faithful, makes me feel wanted, respects me, DOES NOT FLIRT does not lead on does not love other women, makes time for me. #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #marriedlifegoals #soon #roadtoforever #faithisstrong

Luvlia Hr

Those qualities that we need most when we r into the relationship..& I believe it will last..certainly..😊

Dizzy ViviAn

Did you respect your partner ? And you never flirt with another woman when you still have your partner ?? 😂😂😂😂 or your rule have it for break ?

Connie Coats

You’d think, I know one that thinks the rules doesn’t apply to him and if you say anything that it bothers you, they just get angry……

Lim Kok Choo

It takes more than just 5 points in order to keep the relationship going….. But the 5 points can somewat guarantee that the love will be sweeter……

Alba Godoy

Needs the most important one… you both have to want it ♡