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Jan 27, 2017
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Relationship Rules

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Pooneh Tanaeim

A real man knows what a lady wants. He knows she wants loyalty and love. A faithful man with good intentions:).
We all reach a certain age where we know we want to get married and continue to grow together. A deeper love ❤️ and adventure!

Hansel Rome Roman

What’s up with modern societies obsession with marriage? How does looking for a wife make u a man exactly? Marriage is slowly on its way out, just like religion. I bet it’s a brainwashed woman who watched one to many disney movies running this page.

Neha Adhalge

Some pathetic boys dates another gal… And say I wanna grow up with u … Even if they have fiance… And getting married to that gal…. Means they want a simple gal to take care of there fmly and look after there need… And wants to grow up with there blond girlfriend… Who’ll satisfy there needs… How self centered and pathetic such ppl are …

Ed Farley

Take out the word real because it make no since. A man period should look for a wife. What is real to one may not be real to another.

Claire Gordon

This is what I just went through my ex left me for someone else! He came back after she dumped him I too him back but I made his life a living hell hahaha! If you want to keep your options open single don’t waste people’s time and mess with their mind and feelings so messed up

Isaac Been Jammin Lane

Like many things it depends. I looked for a wife, found her & we are still married. Probably will always be married. However sometimes Peoples needs change, maybe that will change too.

Ron Aswan

This is ridiculous. A man is honest in what he’s looking for, period. Besides, a wife is a girlfriend first. You don’t become one without first being the other. The lack of context is what makes these silly posts so debatable.

Jessica Rapp

Reminds me of ex….he went and got a new “friend “from the friends that we ran around with….sad sick liars…..never faithful never true never considered being a true man just a liar …..

Shawn Jones

Women.. To much.. To fast.. To soon.. Grow up ladies, your pussy an so called love doesn’t add up to shit! You have no loyalty. Your just competing for the biggest dick and wallet. Once you find what’s what.. Your gone!

Nicholas Russell

I think a lot of people here are confusing the words “real man” for the words “good husband” “good father” and “atm machine”. Don’t worry because it happens to me all the time. I’m constantly confusing the words “real women” with the words “nasty bitch” or”dumb ho”

Sumit Mehta

Absolutely right! I don’t really believe in the this half-baked concept of gf/bf. Either she has to be a lover then wife or vice-versa (for people believing in arranged marriage).

Surobhi Chatterjee

its such a stereotype, even a girlfriend can remain loyal without getting married. she too can be equally responsible holding her man in her arms jus like a wife wod. wife becomes the degree while being a girlfriend is looked down upon. cummmon gv it a break all of u… its d companionship and partnership that makes a relationship sail through not the stigamated relation name like wife and girldfriend.

Keith Loher

This is all about context. Some guys and even some women don’t see the point in getting married. The only change between dating and marriage is a piece paper. And maybe a name change. The same can be said for friendship vs dating. The only real change is a deep bond and stronger feelings. So in the end no is less of a man or woman because they aren’t looking to be married.

Kim Schmidt

I agree to a point. marriage doesn’t promise a long life together. Nor just being in a relationship. If your married or just a relationship…its takes maturity…honesty and trust to make either work. If your both happy together…trust and truly love each other…marriage is just a bonus I guess. Being together through thick and thin is what counts…not a piece of paper. Only my opinion!

Sean McQuilkin

I would say, looks for a true partner rather. Though not opposed – marriage is icing. Commitment doesn’t require paper, only authentic caring actions between both individuals.

Ryan RJ Jeffers

I’m not looking anymore but when she comes…the right one will be wifey. Until then I’m sifting through the imposters lol

Alfredo Freddie Rodriguez

Unfortunately, too many are not wife material! Many like the idea but they have no idea what is to be a wife. Most women believe that being a woman automatically qualifies them to be a wife, but unfortunately, they are very wrong…

Andrew Wright

I’m looking but when that woman come to be my wife not my girlfriend. My soulmate and my friend to love me and me love her back with all my heart and soul and be together until eternity.

Karen Wade

Disagree! You don’t have to be married to be happy together. A man should know what keeps his lady happy and vice versa. A piece of paper shouldnt change anything

Chad Weicht

I ain’t looking for either. I’m saving big time on Tylenol

Brian David Kidd

Disagree, Many people try to say what a Real Man is in order to destroy him and force him to follow their will on what they want him to do. A Real Man is a Breathing and Living Man. A Good Man lives for what He Believes In. It is his Right to Choose if he wants to Marry a Woman or Not. If women want to allow themselves to be used and enable a man to use them. Then it is her choice. Difference is, women use men everyday in many and multiple ways. Yet, you never see posts… Read more »

Teea Uan

preach! hellz yea! n a real woman shudnt be ashamed that she isnt getting attention from shallow men who only want excitement and temporary attributes. a man who wants to wife u is a real man. a man that knows what a good woman is and willing to share his life with u as he trusts and believes in u till d end of time.

Lillian Herrera

A real man not going to cheat he going to be loyal to you , I pray God help me to meet wonderful guy that i dont have to look over my shoulder and worry if he not cheating , that he respect me and be loyal to me 🙂

Rose Kennedy

Amen,a real man should have good intentions on doing the right thing for his wife without her asking,he should know what needs to be done as the man and take care of his business